Apologies for the late posting of this article, but your correspondent went on holiday very soon after the event, and is only just back.

The weekend of 9th-12th July was particularly busy at the Club. We had a rowing regatta on the Saturday as well as a large party of visiting Sea Kayakers using the Club as a base to visit the Tall Ships Event. On the Sunday there was a club trip to the Tall Ships Event and on the Tuesday the Tall Ships Event came to us by way of the Red Arrows and the Parade of Sail.

The regatta on the Saturday involved North Berwick RC and St.Ayles RC from Anstruther as well as crews from Royal West. There was racing in the new St.Ayles Skiffs and the Club’s Pairs. The racing started at 11:00 and ran all through the day until approx 16:00. The results are as follows:

• Men’s 45+ Skiff, North Berwick (Sponsor Ian & Susie Clark)
• Junior Pairs, Royal West (Kane) (Sponsor Graham Family)
• Women’s Pairs, North Berwick/St.Ayles Composite (Sponsor Insight Travel)
• Mixed 50+ Skiff, St.Ayles RC (Sponsor Ian & Susie Clark)
• Men’s Open Skiff, Royal West (Graham) (Sponsor React Catering Services)
• Women’s Open Skiff, St.Ayles RC (Sponsor React Catering Services)
• Men’s Pairs, Royal West (Graham) (Sponsor Insight Travel)
• Mixed Open Skiffs, North Berwick (Sponsor M&J Timber)

As can been seen from the above table there was a good spread of wins amongst the three clubs attending. The Junior Pairs event was particularly important as it was contended for by two crews from Royal West that have been rowing since the start of the season and consists of 10-11 year olds. This is a very good sign for the Club as they turn up each week for instruction and are involved kayaking, rowing and generally in all aspects of the club.

The other thing that is very apparent from the table above is the importance of the sponsors. We were lucky enough to receive practical and financial support from those listed above for which we are very thankful. Another huge thank you goes to the support from members, family and friends on the day with things like umpiring, catering, rescue boat and general help. Without everyone mucking in it would not have been such a success.

Following the prize giving a dinner was laid on for those involved during the day. This started the social interaction between clubs that continued into the early hours of the morning at the dance. The dance was very well attended with visitors from the East (North Berwick), West (Toronto), North (Falkirk) and South (Normandy).

For those still able there was a trip to the Tall Ships in the Great Harbour on the Sunday. The fleet left from the Club around 11:00 and included 4no St.Ayles Skiffs, 1no Heavy Four, the clubs rescue boat (with a photographer from the Greenock Telegraph) and the 45ft yacht Braveheart from Anstruther that had sailed over for the regatta. There was racing on the way to and within the Great Harbour. There was also a change of crews in the Great Harbour before a choppy trip back to the club. At the club we fed the visitors again before helping them load boats for their trip home. All left happy and exhausted from a very busy weekend.

The Club’s weekend was not over however. On the Tuesday the club opened in the late morning for members and guests to watch the Red Arrows display. The Parade of Sail then moved past the club during the afternoon. A big thank you is due to Paddy Rodden & Ewen Chisholm for their work on the Tuesday in the bar. They even worked right through the cash register breaking down mid afternoon.

The success of the weekend shows what this club can do when it all pulls together (pardon the pun).

Great Cumbrae tripSeveral sea kayakers from the RWSABC circumnavigated Great Cumbrae, stopping for lunch at Fintry Bay.

Photos can be found here.

Parade of SailSea kayakers from RWSABC were in a prime position to view the Tall Ships Race 2011 Parade of Sail.

A photo gallery can be found here, as well as in a Club member’s kayakacrossthewater blog.

The University of the Highlands and Islands (West Highland College) is offering a full-time course on Outdoor Adventure (National Certificate) SCQF Level 5 in Broadford. Details are here [PDF].

A number of club GRP sea kayaks are now for sale. These include:

  • Anas Acuta £600
  • Nordkapp £600
  • 4 x North Shore Mariners £500 each
  • 1 Lindisfarne Voyager £400
  • RM Blue Pyranha Pilot Sea/Touring Kayak £300

Starting Friday the 29th July 2011 at 8pm

An evening of live music and singing. Bringing together the musical talents of the RWSABC.

If you play an instrument or know a song come along. Even if you don’t play or want to sing come along, listen, clap, whistle, dance, and buy a refreshment at the bar!

The format: we each take a turn to play a tune or sing a song. If anyone else knows the tune or song they will join in and accompany us.

All standards of players and singers welcome. The aim is to have a good time.

Come along and support your club!

Enquiries phone George Carson 888604

RWSABC kayaking section members recently joined forces with Glasgow Kayak Club for a trip around the Garvellachs. An informal trip report can be found here.

The upper part of the Club will be open additional hours over the weekend due to the events going on around our Rowing Regatta and the Tall Ships Event. The times are as follows:

Saturday – Upstairs open from 11:00 for tea, coffee and cakes. Bar will open early afternoon and stay open until the post-regatta disco ends

Sunday – Upstairs open early afternoon and there should be a Barbecue outside in the early afternoon when the fleet returns from the Great Harbour

Monday - Bar will stay open late for those watching the Tall Ships Fireworks at 22:45

Tuesday – Bar will open at 11:00 for those wanting to watch the Red Arrows at 11:30 and the Parade of Sail passing the Club from 13:00

As well as the Tall Ships Event in Greenock this weekend the club is hosting a rowing regatta. We will be racing in the new St. Ayles Skiffs and club Pairs. Racing should start about 11am and continue into the late afternoon. There are clubs visiting from Anstruther and North Berwick as well as individuals from some of the other clubs coming through.

All club members are welcome to attend and enjoy the racing or lend a hand during the day. There is a disco in the clubhouse from about 7:30pm, spread the word.

The start line for our racing is to the West of the middle slip and the course is approx 500m along the Esplanade and back. If you are launching or recovering boats on Saturday please be aware of this and watch for boats racing.

Weather permitting we intend launching anything that floats on Sunday morning to visit the Tall Ships in the Great harbour. All sports welcome to take part in this trip, plan to leave between 10:30-11:00. Should have the club’s RIB out for safety cover. If weather OK we will have a barbecue at the club when we get back.

Don’t forget that the Parade of Sail is on Tuesday and will be passing the club during the afternoon. If there is enough interest the bar may open for this. Feedback to me or any of the committee members if you think this would be of interest.


Sunday 26th June was the date for the South Queensferry Regatta. It also coincided with the RNLI Day in the town. The events complimented each other wonderfully and were topped off by the glorious weather.

Royal West attended and took Birdie Bowers to his first SCRA event. We entered the Open Men’s and Open Mixed events. All racing was over approx. 750m course with a buoy turn, four boats per race.

The Men’s crew had a hard first heat but beat off North Berwick to win the race by a few feet. The final was a very tight race with all four skiffs finishing within a second of each other. Portobello won the race (5.05 mins), North Berwick was second (5.06mins), Royal West was third (5.07mins) and Anstruther was four (5.08mins). This was probably the closest race that Scottish Coastal Rowing has enjoyed since its revival.

The Mixed crew did not fair so well coming third in its first heat.

Displays by the local Fire Tugs and a Search & Rescue helicoptor from HMS Gannet were fantastic. All of this framed by the road and rail bridges on either side made for an incredible day out.

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