It was apparent that the slipway on the beach was beginning to show signs of becoming undermined on the west side by the constant pounding of the waves. To that end, and to protect the new extension to the slip, approximately 60 tons of reinforced concrete blocks were sourced and donated to the Club (a small fee was charged by the haulier for delivery).

Due to the sheer size and weight of these blocks manual handling was out of the question and we were fortunate to have access to a 3 ton excavator, dumper and drivers to put the stone in place for us.

These blocks, although unsightly at the moment, will bed in over the winter months and hopefully help protect the slipway for many years to come.

Our thanks must go to Mitchell Plant Hire, who provided all the plant and labour to carry out these works, also to Ewen Chisholm for quietly & very professionally organising the works.

Monthly “Boat Club Sessions” are being run by George Carson, with members and guests. This is an evening of live music and singing, bringing together the musical talents of the RWSABC. Typically held on the last Friday of the month.

Photos can be found here.

Could all members who wish to attend the curry night please contact Andy so he can confirm numbers if possible could people please leave an enverlop with your £10 behind the bar with andys name on please or post a cheque to the clun FOA Andy Adams currynight
AdamsMessage from Andy Adams, who is not on Facebook! Please reply to him at

Hi everyone,
I am trying to organise the end of season curry night which is taking place on the sat 19th of november in the clubhouse. I have contacted Priyas Palace in Robertson street about delivering the food which is £14.95 for meal for two : 2 poppadoms and spiced onions, vegetable Pakora or cocktail samosas, Choice of any two curries from “old favourite” menu including balti, Rogan josh, bhoona, madras, etc. chicken lamb or vegetable. 1 fried rice + 1 nan. If possible I would like to see this rounded up to a Tenner pp .with your first drink for free. T totalers/drivers drinkers may get 2.

This format has of having the food delivered has worked previously however ther may have been some hiccups with people getting the wrong food or it being cold and of course it means a lot of effort on the night for some willing volunteers to dish it up.

While enquiring at the restaurant the boss informed me that they can organise a “buffet style” meal at the club with staff there to serve it. The advantage of this would be that everyone could sit down and enjoy their food and that it would be definately be hot. The disadvantage is that it is likely to cost a bit more and that choice would be restricted to two or three curries to make it manageable. This may not be to everyones taste, however there is still the option to have your meal delivered seperately if you have special dietry needs.

I am awaiting a quote for this from the boss but in the meantime if you could let me know what style you would prefer It would assist me with negotiations. I am guestimating the numbers to be around 30. Usual rules apply-”Nae dosh -Nae nosh” paid by Tuesday 15th of November. If you could intimate your intention to attend then that would give me a better idea of numbers however this will not be confirmed until you have paid for your meal.

For all you Facebookers can you please forward this message on to any one who may not be on this list and apologies if you did not want to receive this message.

Andy Adams

Ladies 35+ crew returning to the relative calm of the harbour after coming second to Anstruther

The Club is hosting two days of events for the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association next weekend. All day Saturday and on Sunday morning we will have coaches from at least 11 clubs here going through training sessions.

Sunday afternoon from 2pm is the AGM of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association. This should be attended by members from the 18-20 clubs in the Association. Any Royal West member is welcome to attend.

Saturday morning will see novice rowers from Lochgilphead Joint Campus School being instructed in how to row by coaches from all over Scotland, thier methods and technique in doing this being reviewed and assessed by instructors from Royal West. In the afternoon everyone will experience Immersion Recovery Drills so that by the time they leave they have a solid understand of the actions needed to recovery casualties from the water. Late afternoon on Saturday will be a debrief and Q&A session on coaching.

Saturday evening the coaches will be attending the Club’s Halloween Party. They have to attend as one of the founding principles of the SCRA is to encourage members to meet socially.

Sunday morning is a series of discussion forums on regattas organising, umpiring and PVG. This will be rounded off with lunch in the Clubhouse.

If you want to keep track of the SCRA thier website is

Also on in Greenock next weekend is the Annual Dinner of the North British Rowing Club. This is being organised by Robert Robertson of Royal West, and takes place in the Tontine Hotel on Saturday night. We may see some of them about the Club over the weekend.

There is a Halloween Party next Saturday night, 29th October.

Music and fun from 7:30pm

Details can be found on posters in the Clubhouse.

Members and guests welcome.

Saturday the 15th of October saw a mass gathering of junior kayakers, parents, club members and coaches at the Club.

New double kayakThe afternoon kicked of with a variety of paddle activities led by the Club’s qualified coaches.

These included paddling the Club’s new double kayak:

Paddling canoesGroups paddling the Club’s 2 Canadian canoes including trying gunwale bobbing

Whitewater kayaksA small group paddling the Club’s white water kayaks:

Senior juniorsA group of older juniors paddled the Club’s new Atlantic RM sea kayaks north up the Esplanade to the container terminal and back, led by Keith and George and assisted by Ian.

Also the Club’s junior sea kayak was on the water (in the background of the picture)

BarbecueOnce the on the water activities were finished and the equipment washed and put away, everybody enjoyed the barbecue hamburgers and sausages, skilfully prepared by Andy White and his partner, Sue.

After the barbecue, there was a presentation in the Clubhouse when all the juniors received a medal for their progress and commitment during the season, presented by Dave Marquis, Paddlesports Convener. Dave also thanked the coaches who had worked so hard with the juniors on Club nights. Joe, Julia and George were awarded a medal for their efforts.Medal presentation

All the medals were sponsored by Alan Mortimer of Ware With All Ltd, Unit 6, Fort Matilda Industrial Estate, Greenock.

CharleyA special medal was awarded to wee Charley who is too young to kayak with his sisters but is always willing to help sort out gear on Club nights. However, on Saturday we had promised Charley a go in the double kayak and a Canadian canoe.

Dave also thanked those behind the scenes:

  • Maggi for assisting the coaches throughout the season and organising the food for the BBQ
  • Andy and Sue for their expertises on the day cooking hamburgers and sausages (without burning anything )
  • Forbes for assisting Dave in keeping the kayak and canoe fleet in good repair
  • Keith for his efforts the new racking system for the play boats and the production of the new paddle rack plus coaching

This has been another successful year for the junior paddlesports section, seeing the purchase of a junior sea kayak, a junior sit-on-top kayak, another Canadian canoe, a double sea kayak and a LV Atlantic RM sea kayak.

Click here for more photos from the day.

Sea kayaking at RWSABC

There is an end of season event planned for this Saturday (15th October) at 1:00pm.

There will be afternoon paddle activities plus BBQ and presentation of Awards
All junior paddlers, their parents and club members welcome

1-3 pm paddle activity
3.30 BBQ and presentations

Volunteers required to man the BBQ

As you may have seen there is a line of Polo Shirts and Red Hoodies available with the Club’s name on it. We are about to place an order for some more and would ask that anyone interested sends me an email asap.

The kit is illustrated in the photos below

Cold, wet but satisfied with a medal and the prospect of a warm cocoa

It is available in almost any size. The smallest Polo is an adult Small and the smallest Hoody is a childrens 7/8 years. Any smaller and the design won’t fit on it.

Prices are as follows:

Adult Polo £ 17.00
Adult Hoody £ 16.00
Child’s size hoody £ 14.00

Cheques made payable to RWSABC. Above prices include VAT.

Anyone interested please email

The weather might not have been great but spirits were high for the Club’s Closing Cruise this morning. An intrepid squad of 14 gathered at the Club from 09:30, readying boats and discussing the optins for the day.

As the two St Ayles Skiffs and Campbell McCall’s Dignity left the bay there was a heavy mist over most of the river, Kilcreggan was only just visible and a decision had been made to head there for a coffee. As there was heavy rain predicted for early afternoon it was decided that the cruise would be relatively short and we would lunch back at the Club, prior to tidying the boats and sheds. Each of the boats had a very mixed crew. The youngest in Birdie Bowers was 6, the oldest 68. Chippy McNish had 3 women and 3 men, age range from 10 late 60′s. As we rowed over Alex Paterson unsuccessfully attemped to rescue a jellybaby that had fallen overboard during a crew change. This was surprising as he has undergone immersion recovery training in these boats, he probably did not want the jellybaby enough.

In arrival at Kilcreggan it was felt a photo should be taken to record the trip and to add to the Club’s collection of photos of this event. It might not have the same degree of style that can be seen in the old black and white photos from the early 1900′s but it shows that there is still a Club spirit in 2011.

A selection of coffees, teas and hot chocolates were ordered at the cafe in Kilcreggan, as well as a few cakes and black pudding rolls. We made contact with a former Associate Member, who asked the question of her companions “why don’t we get some rowing going over here”. We plant the seed wherever we can, lets see if it grows. After an all too brief stop we had to head back. The heavy mist had turned to rain and the packed lunches were in the clubhouse.

As we crossed back the river conditions were very calm, visibility was not great but we could see four MOD tugs and a RIB approaching from Loch Long. Hidden amongst the group of tugs was a submarine. The RIB came up to check us out but probably saw the Club flags and thought we were a special escort for the sub. They past to our stern without incident.

On arriving back at the club Chippy McNish was loaded onto the road trailer in readiness for attending the launch of Troon’s new skiff tomorrow at 1pm. The racing shed was swept out and tidied. We also brought all the pairs and sixteens up off the beach. Tall people should be aware that there are now two pairs hanging from the roof of the Heavy Fours shed. We have padded the keel immediately outside the gents changing room and will be posting signage to warn everyone walking through there.

We also found time to do some gardening, a weed was removed from the bottom of the flagpole (not sure how Alex got up there but Matt sorted it)

After all the work was done there was time to relax, family and friends joined us for take away and a beer.

Everyone enjoyed the day, regardless of the weather. The sheds and boats are tidier after all the effort. A big thank you to all who helped.

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