As part of the ongoing maintenance of the Clubhouse and property we have replaced the Outboard Engine Shed door & locks.

Key replacement procedure
• If you have existing keys you will be able to swap them for new ones at the bar, we will require you to register that you have keys.
• If you do not have keys as yet, you will be able to buy them at the bar, we will require you to register that you have keys.

Everyone storing engines in this shed is reminded that there is an annual fee of £ 12.00/engine to do so. If you are not sure if you have paid this year please let know and I will check the records.

Adam Graham
Hon Sec

Bearing in mind that we are about to loose the comfort of having the ever vigilant eyes of the MCA on us from next door, the Committee would like to remind all members to use the Book in the boat shed to sign out, and back in again, whenever launching from the Club.

It doesn’t matter if the boat is privately owned or not, it provides a record of your departure time, crew and intended destination. Especially if you are going out by yourself, or in a small group, this is vital information if anything untoward should happen. The membership see it as such an important matter that it is one of the Byelaws.

In the words of the sargeant in Hill Street Blues “Be safe out there”

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

Start of a good day

Clubs from all over Scotland and the North of England gathered at Castle Semple Loch on Saturday morning for the Gallagher Heath St Ayles Regatta 2012.

It was sunny, it was flat and it was fun.

If you include Castle Semple RC, who loaned out members to the visiting clubs, there were nine clubs racing. Although not racing, Gosforth sent up a couple of trainee umpires for the Umpire Training Course being run at this event, and to represent them at the SCRA AGM held later in the afternoon. We managed to cram in a lot on the day as we also trialed new types of races and a Halloween Disco.

Chippy McNish, straight from the Repair Shed, was first boat on the water and in use all day.

Chippy in good company

The Club competed in the Mixed Open 3km race, Men’s Open 1000m Sprint, Ladies Open 1000m Sprint, Men’s 50+ 1000m Sprint and Novice 1000m Sprint. Although not wining any of the events we aquitted ourselves very well. It also has to be remembered we were co-hosting the event with Castle Semple RC & the SCRA.

The SCRA website has a good article and the full results, with times, for the days racing.

The Club has received a number of messages of thanks from the other clubs for organising and running the event, as well as the very successful fancy Dress Disco back at the clubhouse in the evening. None of this would have been possible without the continued support of the members.

Ladies Open Crew

Men’s Open Crew

Men’s 50+ Crew

Chippy having a break

Photos courtesy of Hugh Kerr & Karen Sanders

Bonfire Building on Saturday morning at 10:00. Fireworks at about 20:00, after the Battery Park display. Members and guests welcome.

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