Rowing members from the club competed in a day of sprint races along the beach front providing quite a spectacle for on lookers, Adam along with Stewart from port Seton Rowing club organized the day’s events and race program. Crews from Anstruther, Port Seton, Firth of Clyde , Galgale and Troon, Cumbrae. Port Seton took overall regatta victory with Anstruther missing out by 3 points, Royal West took 4th place in the points.

Our mixed open crew just missed out on victory with an unusual dead heat result at on the first run . Stranger things took place over the day, on the Men’s open we had info that the secret weapon in the form of Ron Graham was on route and on the bus, it was decided that Ron should be  in the crew however Ron had come over for a relaxing day with the family. Ron was informed by phone that he had been press ganged into the crew and was to tell the driver to get a move on, start umpire (RWSABC’s  Jim Ford) was asked (told) to delay the start to give Ron time,  the sight of Ron running off the bus, down the beach scattering small children in the process and getting into the boat was quite a sight…. Ron  caught a crab mid race and was promptly told to get back on the bus… be fair to Ron this was his first experience of using our new Pin rowing system and new oars so thanks.

Our Junior crew took the Junior medal which was a fantastic as they had not trained before as a crew so congratulations to them. Our women’s crew which included Irene Hughes who added a competitive edge and was former member who has recently returned from Australia, this crew made the semi finals only to a strong Anstruther crew, It was great to see Irene back competing for the Royal West

Whiteforeland crewed by Campbell, Yvonne and John provide the opportunity for member of the public to give rowing a try and there was a regular stream of people wanting to get on the water..

A really good day, next stop North Berwick on the 24th of August

Come and try rowing nights continue on a Thursday night from 6.30 if you would like to get involved

Alex Paterson

Captain of Boats

On 10 August, 29 swimmers took part in and completed the Clyde Swim from Kilcreggan to The Esplanade in Greenock. This swim is a distance of 1.85 miles (3 km) the water temperature is around 14 degC (57 degF). The swim was won by Calum Dyer, aged 16 with a time of 46 min 52 sec.  He therefore won the Junior Male swimmer class.  Kevin McLaughlin was the next swimmer in with a time of 49 min 36 sec making him the fastest adult male swimmer.  The fastest female swimmer was Anna Kitner with a time of 1 hr 1 min 28 sec.  The fastest junior female swimmer was Anna Kane with a time of 1 hr 9 min 32 sec.
The Full Results are shown below:
1 –  Calum Dyer, Time: 00:46:52
2 –  Kevin McLaughlin, Time: 00:49:36
3 –  David McCorkindale, Time: 00:50:04
4 –  James McLatchie, Time: 00:50:28
5 –  Aidan Grant, Time: 00:50:33
6 –  Ian Marshall, Time: 00:52:25
7 –  Stewart Wilson, Time: 00:55:02
8 –  Leon Trayling, Time: 00:57:07
9 –  Andrew Osborne, Time: 00:57:20
10 –  Scott Forrest, Time: 00:57:42
11 –  Andy Olejnik, Time: 00:57:57
12 –  Danny McLaughlin, Time: 00:58:04
13 –  Scott Skivington, Time: 00:59:12
14 –  Colin Campbell, Time: 00:59:45
15 –  Alan Crighton, Time: 01:00:10
16 –  John Dyer, Time: 01:00:42
17 –  David Jenkins, Time: 01:01:04
18 –  Kenneth Robertson, Time: 01:01:15
19 –  Anna Kitner, Time: 01:01:28
20 –  Andrew White, Time: 01:03:49
21 –  Stephanie Mackie, Time: 01:04:12
22 –  Chris Jones, Time: 01:08:08
23 –  Lesley Martin, Time: 01:08:48
24 –  Anna Kane, Time: 01:09:22
25 –  Jamie Jenkins, Time: 01:16:16
26 –  Elizabeth Deegan, Time: 01:16:38
27 –  David Deegan, Time: 01:17:01
28 –  Yvonne Coull, Time: 01:19:19
29 –  William Marshall, Time: 01:20:22
In addition 3 swimmers were given “Tabasco” awards for having done the swim without a wetsuit.  These swimmers were Anna Kitner, Stephanie Mackie and  Kevin McLaughlin.
Nine swimmers were raising money for charities.  These swimmers are expected to raise over £3000 for their respective charities.  The swimmers and their charities are shown below.  If known the expected amount to be raised for the charity is given.
John Dyer – Firefighter’s Charity (around £500)
Daidd and Jamie Jenkins – Argowan Hospice (around £800)
David McCorkindale – Lilybank and Glenburn School (around £770)
James McLatchie – Port Glasgow Otters Swimming Club (around £500)
Danny McLaughlin – Lilybank School (around £150)
Andrew Osborne – Classrooms for Malawi
Scott Skivington – Salvation Army
Leon Trayling – Argowan Hospice (around £400)
This swim was organised by the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club (RWSABC) who now offer open water swimming as one of the activities of the club.  Swimming joins kayaking, rowing and sailing as sports offered at RWSABC. Joe Heffernan coordinated the organisation of the swim.  RWSABC would like to thank all the people that provided assistance on the day and also those companies that provided other support.  Inverclyde Leisure provided the PA system  as well as a cash donation to help with costs.  Terry Meade, The Gourock Butcher provide the burgers and sausages.  Alan Mortimer of Ware With All Ltd. provided financial support.
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