Our Subs Convenor, Rose Sloan, is travelling to Africa shortly to do voluntary work with mothers and children who have AIDs. We are holding a night of music and fun at the RWSABC on Friday 11th September to raise funds for the organisation Rose will be working with. Rose is funding her own travel and living costs, so this is not to subsidise her but to contribute to the group she is helping.

The night is being organised by Rose and her brother Tom Kater. Music will be by members of the club. Full list of musicians to be announced later. Fundraising will be by raffles, donations and other fun activities.

It is hoped that members and their guests will attend to support this good cause.

More info will be posted at https://www.facebook.com/events/450719928466864/

What a day, what an atmosphere!!!!

Music and commentary via the Club’s new PA system. flags flying high on boats, beach and clubhouse. Old friends and new chatting, laughing and racing. What better way to spend the day.

Clubs gathered at Royal West last weekend from as far West as Largs, East as North Berwick, North as Anstruther and South as Bristol. Crews started arriving on Friday, some camping in the rear garden at the Club. By the time of the coxes brief at 09:15 there were seven clubs in attendance.

Racing commenced at 10:00 with the Open Women taking to the water. The course this year again was a time trial, starting with the batten in the timing container. However in the interests of safety and control the whole crew was already in the boat waiting, bow into the beach, just to the West of the middle slip. The boat then had to back away from the beach, turn to Starboard and race off towards the Whiteforeland Buoy. Having rounded that they then headed to the second mark off Roseneath Street. The final leg was from there back to the main beach at the Club where the batten then had to be run up to the timing container.

Club’s had plenty of opportunity to try different systems of backing the boats and turning, some of the more impressive results being amongst the women. There were also some interesting attempts at running up and down the beach without sandals, that had inadvertently flown off.

There was a clean sweep on the wins by Anstruther and North Berwick. However there were also some interesting results for Royal West with seconds in the 55+ Men, 40+ Men and 40+ Mixed. The team from Bristol, in their first ever competitive outing also produced some remarkable results with thirds in 55+ Men, 55+ Women & 55+ Mixed.

Full results, with times, can be downloaded below.
2015 RWSABC Regatta Results

The overall scores were as follows:

6th Equal 160 pts Carrick
6th Equal 160 pts Troon
5th 244 pts Bristol
4th 264 pts FoCCRC
3rd 332 pts Royal West
2nd 464 pts Anstruther
1st 528 pts North Berwick

North Berwick also recorded the fastest time of the day, with their 40+ Mixed crew covering the course in 11 mins 10 secs.

For the first time since we started hosting St. Ayles Skiff Regattas at Royal West the Colin Ross Memorial Salver did not got to St. Ayles CRC of Anstruther. Instead this year it went to North Berwick CRC.

A special presentation was made to the team from Bristol for their effort and determination in attending a regatta so far from home. They integrated very well, even taking part in composites. They performance on the day, finishing fifth of seven, having never attended a regatta before, was truly exceptional. They even went on to finish second in the quiz during the evening celebrations.

We have received a number of messages of thanks from the visiting clubs, as well as some incredible comments on social media, all of which are greatly appreciated by the organisers. The organisers would like to thank everyone for attending, the members & staff at the Club, also our sponsors AdLib Music of Jamaica Street in Greenock.

If you follow the links below to Facebook & Flikr you will see the photos taken by Bob Dawson, George Carson & Dorothy Campbell. There is also the photos taken by Leslie Roberts of Rosie Jake Photography.





This season has seen a steady increase in the number of folk taking part in kayak nights, both as beginners and the more experienced. This has led to an increase in membership but also to the strange phenomenon that happened last night. There were 30 members out kayaking last night and they managed to form a full circle with their boats, pictured above.

Paul’s work with beginners and encouragement of our existing members has been at the centre of this increase in activity on a Monday & Tuesday nights. Well done Paul.

This Saturday & Sunday we will be hosting clubs from Bristol, Anstruther, N. Berwick, Carrick, Troon, Fairlie & Port Seton. Also some stragglers from Girvan, Portobello and Cumbrae. Some of the visiting clubs are camping in the back garden, others are staying in various hotels and accommodation in town.

Racing starts at 10am on Saturday over a triangular course from the Club beach to Whiteforeland buoy, then to a temp mark off Roseneath Street Slip, before a final sprint back to the beach. The Club has crews in 8 of the 9 events we are running, only short of some 55+ Ladies to make it 9/9.

The day will be rounded off with a quiz and dancing in the evening. Be in your seats ready for the start of the quiz at about 8pm.

Sunday is planned as a leisurely row to Kilcreggan for lunch, then maybe a wander up to show some of our guests the industrial riverfront, from the river.

Anyone who can spare some time during the day on Saturday to help with the café or just attending to take in the atmosphere is invited to do so. The bar will be open on Saturday from 12:30, just in time for a break in the racing.

On Saturday 1 August the annual Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club (RWSABC) Clyde Swim took place. Normally the swim would be from Kilcreggan to the Boat Club, but high winds and rough seas forced the event to be run along The Esplanade. The course was from the Club to Margaret Street and back, a distance of 1.85mi – 3km.

16 swimmers took part in and completed the swim.

The fastest swimmer was Gerard Malone, a member of Inverclyde Masters Swim Club with a time of 47 min 55 seconds. The fastest female swimmer was Marian Monk (Inverclyde Masters) with a time of 1 hr 2 min 15 sec. The fastest junior female swimmer was Anna Kane (Inverclyde Masters) with a time of 1 hr 15 min 58 sec. All pictured below

The Full Results are shown below:

1. Gerard Malone – Time: 0:47:55
2. Aidan Grant – Time: 0:48:22
3. Mark Meahan – Time: 0:51:28
4. Ernie Currie – Time: 0:52:24
5. Stewart Wilson – Time: 0:52:30
6. Tommy Sharkey – Time: 0:56:19
7. Marian Monk – Time: 1:02:15
8. Kenneth Robertson – Time: 1:02:40
9. Colin Campbell – Time: 1:04:16
10. Lynda Wilson – Time: 1:07:21
11. Lisa Ruddy – Time: 1:08:20
12. Danny McLaughlin – Time: 1:08:47
13. Ally Robb – Time: 1:10:25
14. Kevin Gill – Time: 1:11:01
15. Mark Cohen – Time: 1:11:10
16. Anna Kane – Time: 1:14:58

In addition, Mark Cohen was given a “Tabasco” awards for having done the swim without a wetsuit. The water temperature was measured as 13 degC. Mark is pictured below with some of the other competitors.

Two swimmers were raising money for charities. The swimmers and their charities are shown below.

Gerard Malon – Mary’s Meals
Ally Robb – Argowan Hospice

This swim was organised by the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club (RWSABC). This is the third season the club has offered open water swimming as one of the activities of the club. The RWSABC also offers kayaking, rowing and sailing. Joe Heffernan coordinated the organisation of the swim. RWSABC would like to thank all the people that provided assistance with organising the swim and those who helped out on the day. Special mention goes to Greenock and District Sea Cadets who provided a rib to assist with safety cover. Special mention goes to members of the RWSABC who came along to provide support, the kayakers that provided safety cover for the swimmers while they were doing their swim and Greenock and District Sea Cadets who provided a rib to assist with safety cover.

This year’s swim was as successful as possible given the weather conditions.

RWSABC would encourage people with an interest in swimming to consider participating in next year’s swim or just trying out open water swimming. More information can be found at the OW Swimming tab on this site.

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