See here the photos from our regatta on Saturday 11th June.

Adam has pulled together a rota based on everyone’s availability over the weekend, just double click on the link



Anyone available to help off the water at the Club on Saturday & Sunday please meet at the clubhouse on Thursday at 7:30pm for a chat. The clubhouse will be busy because of the Powerboat Event so need people about to make sure we are safe and tidy.

There may be a number of you who do not know George. Until a few years ago I only ever saw him quietly getting on with paddling. He was very serious about his paddling, also running and cycling. Then he started to show an aptitude for rowing as well. This brought him to the attention of the Club’s Captain at the time, your current VP Alex Paterson. George had an eagerness to see the different sporting disciplines interacting more, as did Alex.

Eighteen months ago, when Alex was looking for someone to take on the Captain’s role, George was the obvious choice. The Grand Aquatic Extravaganza may not have fully been George’s idea, but he was the driving force behind what turned out to be a great day for the Club. His attention to detail resulted in us having approx. 100 people competing safely and enjoyably during the day.

While he was doing this he was also quietly planning & training for a “wee adventure” of his own to mark the Club’s 150th Anniversary. He had heard tales told by Robert Todd & Colin Campbell of non-stop trips round Bute and decided he was “having some of that”.

At 6am on Monday morning this week, after all his hard work of Saturday, he set off from the Club beach. He headed past Al Black’s lighthouse at Cloch, turned South West to Toward, then north up to Kames, back down the West side of Bute, across and round the South of Wee Cumbrae before heading back to the Club. A group of members went out in kayaks and a small fishing boat to meet him about Lunderston Bay. He arrived back at the Beach 100km and 14 hrs 55 mins after leaving. He finished the trip by rolling his kayak before getting out.

Some of his stats are below:
Distance: 100.438 km
Total time: 14:55:51 hrs
Moving Time: 14:02:14 hrs
Avg Pace: 4:28 min/500m
Avg Moving Pace : 4:12 min/500m
Best Pace : 2:14 min/500m
Strokes: 47,720
Calories: 5,376

It is either a sign of the madness that befalls members periodically, or the sign of a truly devoted member prepared to go the extra 100km to mark a historic event such as the Club’s 150th Anniversary. Either way it is a remarkable feat and he is to be commended for undertaking it.

Remember that tomorrow is the Club’s 150th Birthday and there is a party in the clubhouse from 7pm to mark this. The VP will be saying a few words at 7:30pm ahead of a photo collage prepared by Hugh Kerr and a short talk on the history of the Club by Tom Mackay. There is also a cake to be cut and eaten, washed down with as much beer as you can drink.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

One of the participants, Greg Hinks, in the Grant Aquatic Extravaganza has written a blog about the event:

Twenty-seven swimmers started on the beach for the Grand Aquatic Extravaganza Swim at 10:00 am on the morning of 11 June 2016. There were 21 male and 6 female swimmers. One man and one woman were planning to swim the event without a wet suit.

The course was two laps around a course bounded by a buoy near the RWSABC Beach and another by the first slip on The Esplanade. The finish was a pull float at the beach. Measurements taken from the GPS suggest that the swim was around 1300m long. The race started at 10:15am. The tide was going out and low tide occured at 11:15. Tthe race was run at lowish water. There was a Force 3 eastern wind which, together with the tide, made the outward legs of the swim significantly slower than the return leg.

The first 3 male swimmers were:

1, Vincent Hutchison, Time – 0:22:07
2, David Robinson, Time – 0:22:36
3, Gerard Malone, Time – 0:24:42

The first 3 female swimmers were:

1, Michelle Ashworth, Time – 0:31:16
2, Emma Calder, Time – 0:31:24
3, Susan McGeachie, Time – 0:32:01

All the results are shown below:

1. Vincent Hutchison, Time – 0:22:07, Comments: 1st Man
2. David Robinson, Time – 0:22:36, Comments: 2nd Man
3. Gerard Malone, Time – 0:24:42, Comments: 3rd Man
4. Greg Hincks, Time – 0:26:11, Comments: 4th Man
5. Scott Skivington, Time – 0:26:50, Comments: 5th Man
6. Ernie Currie, Time – 0:27:20, Comments: 6th Man
7. David Jenkins, Time – 0:27:50, Comments: 7th Man
8. Gary Hurr, Time – 0:28:06, Comments: 8th Man, No wetsuit swimmer
9. Tommy Sharkey, Time – 0:28:42, Comments: 9th Man
10. Danny McLaughlin, Time – 0:29:44, Comments: 10th Man
11. Archie White, Time – 0:30:10, Comments: 11th Man
12. Michelle Ashworth, Time – 0:31:16, Comments: 1st Woman
13. Emma Calder, Time – 0:31:24, Comments: 2nd Woman
14. Nick Vaughan, Time – 0:31:28, Comments: 12th Man
15. Susan McGeachie, Time – 0:32:01, Comments: 3rd Woman
16. Colin Campbell, Time – 0:33:23, Comments: 13th Man
17. Gordon Tyler, Time – 0:35:45, Comments: 14th Man
18. Lynda Gemmell, Time – 0:36:20, Comments: 4th Woman
19. Lewis Beck, Time – 0:39:26, Comments: 15th Man
20. Kevin Gill, Time – 0:40:40, Comments: 16th Man
21. Emma Cummings, Time – 0:41:50, Comments: 5th Woman, No wetsuit swimmer
22. Joe Heffernan, Time – 0:44:44, Comments: 17th Man
23. John Mullen, Time – 0:51:10, Comments: 18th Man
DNF, Lesley Martin
DNF, Robert McGonigal
DNF, Alan O’Rourke
DNF, Ally Robb

Thanks to all participants. Special thanks to George McCallum and Jim Ford for doing the race timing.

Due to time constraints the results of the kayak race were not announced at the afternoon events prize giving.  There were 23 entrants and everyone finished the course.

The top three male finishers were as follows:

Position Name Time
1 Colin Campbell 22:50
2 Gary Conner 23:51
3 Hugh Kerr 24:31


The top three female finishers were as follows:

Position Name Time
1 Frankie Hanson 26:35
2 Jess McInnes 26:36
3 Clair Kerr 29:19


Full list of times:

Position Name Time
1 Colin Campbell 22:50
2 Gary Conner 23:51
3 Hugh Kerr 24:31
4 Mark Hanson 24:37
5 Hugh Jamieson 24:57
6 Andrew Carruthers 25:20
7 Lindsay Dowds 25:22
8 Frankie Hanson 26:35
9 Jess McInnes 26:36
10 Tom Kater 29:05
11 Clair Kerr 29:19
12 Stuart Bam 29:45
13 Tracy Wallace 31:33
14 Emila Crighton 34:47
15 Emma Calder 35:10
16 Suzanne Nichol 35:21
17 Morven McCaughy 35:27
18 Paul Edgar 35:27
19 Mark Jones 37:54
20 Matt McElroy 37:55
21 Karen Radford 42:31
22 William Bell 42:31
23 Robert Todd 45:35

Winners and participants medals will be available behind the bar for those who did not receive them on the day.

As you will already be aware during the next couple of weeks there are a festival of events to celebrate the Club’s 150 years.

Yesterday a large group of members and friends tidied all the outside areas and decorated the clubhouse. The message of thanks below is to all who turned out today.

“I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who came along and helped out today, the club looks magnificent. Thank you. Alex Paterson, Vice-President”

On Saturday we have the Grand Aquatic Extravaganza, with all of the water sports disciplines represented. This will be rounded off with a quiz & disco in the clubhouse at night.

On Wednesday next week we mark the Club’s 150th Birthday with a party in the clubhouse, open to all.

On the 18th June we round off the events with a Formal Ball in the Town Hall. Over that same weekend we will be hosting part of the P1 Powerboat Grand Prix of the Sea. The clubhouse will be busy and we are looking for volunteers to help manage the activities those days.

Below is a TV advert being run over the next two weeks to attract attention to the event.

Look forward to seeing you at these events

For all you avid readers of the Tele, skip to inside the back page to see the article co-written by Tom Mackay.

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