The 200 Club provides useful funds to support the Royal West.  Participants contribute £5 each month and 50% of the proceeds are awarded to 3 winners each month.  The winners for November, December and January are shown below.

Thanks to everyone who support the Royal West via the 200 Club!

Congratulations to all winners!  

There has been a small update to the COVID procedures for Water Sports.  The update consists of a single slide that shows the Zones at RWSABC.  This is shown below.

As a reminder Water Sports are allowed, but only with a maximum Group Size of 2.

To see the updated procedures go to:   


The AGM of the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club will take place online via Zoom at 8:00pm on Thursday, 4 February. An email has been sent to all Members with email addresses. Please contact Joe Heffernan, Honorary Secretary if you have not received information about the AGM and he will send it to you.

You can see the email online at:

The COVID Procedures for Water Sports at the Royal West have been updated to reflect that Mainland Scotland is in a lockdown that commenced on 5 January.

These Procedures reflect that you may still take part in outdoor activities so long as:

  • The maximum party size is 2 persons (Children under 12 do not count towards the 2 person limit)
  • You do not travel to the Royal West from outside Inverclyde
  • You start and end your excursion at the Royal West

Given these limits on numbers be sure to check that the area at the Royal West where you want to go doesn’t already have some people in it.  If someone has arrived before you wait until they have cleared out.

You must wear a face mask/face covering when in the sheds or boat house with another person.

You must plan your excursion in such a way that you minimise the possibility that the emergency services will be contacted.

The full Procedures can be found at the Link Shown below:              3 2 HOTEL MIKE charlie lima 1

If you have questions please contact Joe Heffernan.

Keep Safe!

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