Ever wondered what goes on at that we club at the end of the Esplanade in Greenock, were having an open day on Sunday so you can come along and see for yourself what goes on and how to join,

Some facts for you

We have been here for 150 years

We own the beach

We have a bar and function hall for hire

The building is listed as  of historical importance

We have a great social scene throughout the year,

If you join full membership gives you access to all equipment and facilities needed to get on the water.. Safely.

Most importantly it’s a very friendly club, members will make you very welcome.

Come along for a look.

Rumour has it Queen Victoria was seen in the club bar on Friday night..

Maybe she’ll come along on the 2017 opening cruise, intention is to to be off the beach for 11.30 heading to Roseneith Castle caravan park for lunch. Open to all disciplines, just jump in a boat..


One of our members has kindly donated new and unused Vango camping equipment to be auctioned to Club members. We are going to hold a blind auction for all of the equipment. Just put your bid amount into a sealed envelope with your name and contact details, mark the envelope “Camping equipment bid” and leave in the bar. We will open the bid envelopes on Saturday the 1st of April, after the opening cruise

Highest bid wins..

There’s a reserve price of £60 as the value of the equipment is around £300.

Vango Ark 200+ tent (retails at £90)

Vango sleeping bags X2

Campgaz two burner folding stove

Vango cooking kit

Vango thermos flask

Trangia Kettle

Electric 12V pump

Tarp / ground sheet

Single inflatable bed

Tent pegs and ropes

Good luck..


Our rowing coach Ian is holding a talk on basic rowing skills and techniques on Thursday the 16th of February at 8pm.

This is aimed at those new to rowing and anyone interested in getting into a rowing boat this season

Hope you can come along


Just a quick post to say that there will be a beach tidy on the 5th of
February from 12pm. This is just so the beach and sheds are  looking good for the Inspection of boats in a few weeks time
I,ll go down just before the inspection to do a final tidy up. It would be
good if we could get a few bodies down on the 5th to help out

Thank you


It’s early in the year but a great time to start planning, here’s some dates for you.

26th February inspection of boats

18th of February Rowing meeting, regatta’s for this year and all things Rowing related, this is open to everyone interested in Rowing or finding out more. 3pm

19th of March meet the committee, chance for newer members to meet all of the management committee at one time and find out what we do, how the club is run and generally ask us anything really.

22nd of March, Kayak meeting, after Des’s talk, format as per the Rowing meeting.

30th of March our annual AGM

1st April opening cruise

23rd of April club open day to public, come and join us event

17th of June grand aquatic extravaganza

24,25th of June P1 power boats weekend

Club regatta date TBC

2nd of September tail of the bank LD Kayak race

9th of September Clyde swim

Put the dates in your planner, if there’s something you would like to try or be involved in that’s different this year just talk to one of the conveners

Also check out the social events which George has has planned,

Alex VP



Lesley McLaren’s video of the our fire work display won the £40 prize

Congratulations Lesley

Take a look and see why



Member’s and guest’s are invited to our annual fire work display on Saturday the 5th of November, we propose setting off the fireworks around 8.30 after the Battery park display.

This year there’s a £40 voucher  prize for the best video of the display kindly being donated by one of our life members, just send video entries to with your name and phone number by the 12th of November.

Hope you can make it along.

Hi All

There’s a couple of things we could do with a hand with for an hour or so.

Tomorrow night Tuesday we are looking to take the skiff off the road trailer at 7 as the 16 is going on to loch Tummel to race at the weekend that’s a simple lift off job, were not looking to move it up the ramp.

Martin the artist chap is also looking to move his raft installation closer to the water as well tomorrow night., shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, it’s heavy so more people would make things be easier.

Saturday the 5th of November its planned that rear wall of the club is pressure washed before we apply the weather sealant, were also going to build the fire on the beach for the nights fire work display so any helpers would be really appreciated from 1pm



Adam has pulled together a rota based on everyone’s availability over the weekend, just double click on the link



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