Over the last few years we have avoided increasing the bar prices by a combination of controlling the bar overheads, adjusting purchasing methods and ultimately changing primary supplier. The time has come however, when we need to increase the prices to maintain the bar’s profitability.

Increases will take effect on Saturday 29th Sept.

The prices will increase by between 5p – £1 depending on the product, however on the more popular products the increases are only between 5p-20p. The larger increases are to products that we don’t hold a large stock of and tend to be predominantly popular at functions.

Some examples of the increases are as follows;
Pint of Tennents lager is currently £3.10, this will increase to £3.20
Pint of Tartan Special is currently £2.90, this will increase to £3.00
Gordons Gin is currently £1.55, this will increase to £1.70
Highland Park is currently £2.55, this will increase to £2.60
Smirnoff Vodka is currently £1.55, this will increase to £1.70

There are a few products where we have not increased the prices and notable soft drinks where we have actually reduced the price. Most 330ml cans of soft drinks will now be £1.00 rather than £1.05. The exception is Abbots Ginger Beer.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

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