There was a problem with the Boathouse door recently. It was stuck locked and it was found the that snib was ‘ON’ keeping it from being unlocked.

Also, the Boathouse door lock has a ‘deadbolt’ feature. This feature should be used when you leave the Boathouse as it improves security. To lock the deadbolt, turn the key one full turn anti-clockwise.

The following reminder has been placed on the door.


There have been updates to the COVID Procedures for Water Sports.

A new set of Procedures has been written to cover the full opening of the Clubhouse and Bar.

The main changes for Water Sports are:

Up to 5 households with a maximum Group size of 8 (but the restriction of 4 on the hard and launching/landing remains the same)
Boats and paddles are no longer to be tagged and restricted to a single person (however they must be cleaned before and after your outing with soap)
You may use the toilets but changing rooms are still not to be used

The most recent water sports procedures can be found at the link shown below:

RWSABC COVID Water Sports Phase 3 Procedures Most Current Version <– This is the link to current Water Sports COVID procedures

There are new procedures to cater for the opening of the Clubhouse and Bar.

RWSABC COVID Bar and Clubhouse Phase 3 Procedures Most Current Version <– This is the link to the current Beer Garden COVID procedures

Please review these as you are expected to be aware and follow the Procedures.

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date.

Keep Safe!

RWSABC Committee


Please see below a short video demonstrating how to use the Club Bar in the coming couple of weeks.

Brilliantly Filmed again by Karen Radford, with the help of some vagrant Members as extras.

The formal guidance will be published later tonight.

Trust everyone who made use of the Beer Garden at the weekend enjoyed themselves. It was great to see people in the real world again, using the Club for more than sports. Adherence to the guidance was great. Understand the video helped, as well as adding some entertainment.

As relaxations of the Scottish Government restrictions continue we have been working on a plan for the re-opening of the internal spaces for seating. The formal guidance and another video will be published in the coming days, ahead of our planned opening internally on Thursday 16th July at 8pm.

For the remainder of July we plan to open the following hours;
Thursday 8pm – 11pm
Friday 5pm – 10pm
Saturday 2pm – 10pm
Sunday 3pm – 7pm

Thank you for your continued support.

Look forward to seeing you on the water and about the Club.


Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

There have been updates to the COVID Procedures for the Beer Garden and Water Sports at the Royal West.

The only change for Water Sports is that 4 households may now go on an outing together.  The maximum group size remains the same at 4 persons.

The most recent water sports procedures can be found at the link shown below:

RWSABC COVID Phase 2 Procedures V5 updated 10 July  <– This is the link to current Water Sports COVID procedures

There has also been an update to the procedures for the opening of the Beer Garden.  The change here, compared to previous versions, is to allow group sizes of up to 6 persons.  These groups must be limited to a maximum of 4 households.

RWSABC COVID Bar and Clubhouse Initial Opening Procedures V3 <– This is the link to the current Beer Garden COVID procedures

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date with the changing procedures.  Keep Safe!

RWSABC Committee


Please have a look at the video below. It demonstrates how to use the club while the beer garden is in operation.

We would ask that you read the published guidance on the Club website as well.

We would prefer payment by card if at all possible.

Please use this facility respectful of our neighbours and other users.

Be safe


As intimated in the Greenock Telegraph today, George’s funeral will take place this Saturday morning. The funeral cortege will be leaving from his home at approximately 9:45am.

We would respectfully ask that Members visiting the Club avoid parking cars on that side of the Esplanade from lunchtime on Friday until after the cars have left to progress along the Esplanade on Saturday.

As the service at St. Mary’s R.C. Church is private and there will be restrictions on numbers at Knocknairshill Cemetery, it may be appropriate for the Members to show their respects as George passes his second home.

From 6 July the Scottish Government is allowing Outdoor Hospitality venues to open.  The Royal West is planning to have a Beer Garden on the Back Green on Friday, 10 July (5-8pm) and Saturday / Sunday 11 & 12 July (2-8pm).

We have high confidence that this will go ahead but check the Royal West Website from Friday to confirm the Beer Garden will be open.

There are special measures being implemented to allow this to take place in a safe way that minimises the risk of COVID transmission.

Important points from the procedures:

  • Social distancing of 2m between different households to be maintained at all times
  • Only RWSABC Members and their household may use the Beer Garden
  • Maximum group size is 4 with a maximum of 3 households in the group
  • Enter and exit the Royal West site using the stairs to the left of the main doors
  • Send one person to the bar to get all drinks (we’ll provide trays) and go in via the West door of the balcony
  • Bring you own pen for writing
  • The person getting drinks is to sign all people in and out (Part of Scotland’s Test & Protect procedures)
  • Pay by card, have exact change or expect to make a donation of the change due to RWSABC
  • Once you have your drinks carry them down to the Beer Garden using the rear stairs
  • Use the hand sanitiser frequently
  • Spray down you table and chairs with the provided spray when you arrive and when you leave
  • Dispose of the plastic cups used in the bins provided

Further details are provided in the document you can read by following the link below.  Please review and understand this document before coming down to the Beer Garden.

RWSABC COVID Beer Garden Opening Procedures V2 <– This is a Link to the Procedures you are to follow to enjoy the Beer Garden.

Remember R.W.S.A.B.C

Read the guidance before you come down
Wash or sanitize your hands, table & chairs when you arrive
Survive your visit to the Club without catching anything
Again, wash or sanitize your hands, table & chairs before leaving
Beat it promptly when you are finished, someone else may want your table
Covid-19 has no cure, so stick to the procedures

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