Ever wondered what goes on at that we club at the end of the Esplanade in Greenock, were having an open day on Sunday so you can come along and see for yourself what goes on and how to join,

Some facts for you

We have been here for 150 years

We own the beach

We have a bar and function hall for hire

The building is listed as  of historical importance

We have a great social scene throughout the year,

If you join full membership gives you access to all equipment and facilities needed to get on the water.. Safely.

Most importantly it’s a very friendly club, members will make you very welcome.

Come along for a look.


Further to the AGM on Thursday 30th March the new Subs for the coming year have been set. You should all get mail (electronic or conventional) from our Subs Convenor Rose Sloan in the next few days, with the appropriate forms. The renewal form can also be found on the following webpage http://www.rwsabc.co.uk/about/membership/

We would request that every payment (electronic or conventional) is accompanied by the completed form. There were electronic payments received in 2016-17 that had no identification and took weeks to sort out.


Adam A. Graham
Hon. Sec.

Tickets for the Broomberry Drive night are now available at the bar. £6. I’m limiting the numbers to make sure there is space to dance so get you ticket ASAP. 60′s and 70′s music. They have sold out every time they have played the club. Why not get dressed up in 60′s / 70′s gear to make it even more fun.

Rumour has it Queen Victoria was seen in the club bar on Friday night..

Maybe she’ll come along on the 2017 opening cruise, intention is to to be off the beach for 11.30 heading to Roseneith Castle caravan park for lunch. Open to all disciplines, just jump in a boat..


The AGM will be held at 8pm on Thursday 30th March.

As of the AGM there will be two vacancies on the Management Committee. We will be looking to fill the following posts:
Honorary Treasurer
Rowing Convenor

Anyone interested in either post should contact the Vice President or Honorary Secretary

Adam A. Graham
Honorary Secretary

As part of the wonderful series of talks and workshops organised this year by Tom Kater, there is a talk on Thursday 9th March by Hugh Kerr covering the famous (or infamous) Long Rows.

These were unsupported privately organised rowing trips, normally outside the Mull of Kintyre, predominantly undertaken in Zebra. They ranged from simple circumnavigations of Arran up to trips to Ireland and even an attempt to reach St. Kilda.

During his research Hugh has spoken to some of the participants, gathering first hand accounts, photos and other relevant materials. These will all combine to create an interesting insight into a period of the Club’s relatively recent history when adventurous spirits and self reliance were at the fore.

We are expecting a number of the participants of the 18-20 Long Rows to be in attendance. No doubt keen to share their memories of time spent in Zebra and other boats. Anyone interested in understanding this period of our history and maybe considering similar trips in rowing boats, kayaks or dinghies, would be advised to take this opportunity to meet the folk who did it in the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s.

The photograph above was taken in 2011 and is of the 40th anniversary reunion of the squad that rowed Zebra to Skye and back in 1971.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec
(Long Row ’84, ’86 & ’88)

One of our members has kindly donated new and unused Vango camping equipment to be auctioned to Club members. We are going to hold a blind auction for all of the equipment. Just put your bid amount into a sealed envelope with your name and contact details, mark the envelope “Camping equipment bid” and leave in the bar. We will open the bid envelopes on Saturday the 1st of April, after the opening cruise

Highest bid wins..

There’s a reserve price of £60 as the value of the equipment is around £300.

Vango Ark 200+ tent (retails at £90)

Vango sleeping bags X2

Campgaz two burner folding stove

Vango cooking kit

Vango thermos flask

Trangia Kettle

Electric 12V pump

Tarp / ground sheet

Single inflatable bed

Tent pegs and ropes

Good luck..


Start of first leg (Bob Dawson Troon CRC)

Hi All,

On Thursday night Ian is going to be giving a talk on rowing, aimed at members who do not currently row but would like to. This is programmed for 8pm.

Saturday afternoon at 3pm, those who are interested in racing this year should meet at the Club to discuss the coming season. Which event you can or would like to attend.

For anyone interested in learning more about the history of long distance rowing trips from the Club, there is a talk on Thursday 9th March at 8pm.



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