As well as all the regular watersports nights, there are a number of events of note that may be of interest to some or all in the coming weeks.

Sat 19th May – Private function in the clubhouse
Sat 19th May – Members volunteering at Wheels-to-Water event at Castle Semple Loch. See Willie Bell for more info
Sat 19th May – Cove Sailing Club are hosting an open day and have asked if any kayakers or rowers were in the area they could pop in to extol the virtues of these sporting disciplines to their members. They are trying to diversify.

Fri 25th May – May Boat Club Session
Sat 26th May – Private function in the clubhouse
This Private Function is the wedding of one of our members, Mr. Allan Downie. who is marrying Miss Lee Trotter.

They are arriving by yacht at approx. 3pm and being married on the beach at approx. 4pm, using the hall for the reception.
If anyone would like to help enhance their arrival at the Club by launching boats and accompanying them ashore in a small flotilla, that would be most welcome.

The Committee would politely request that members bear this event in mind when planning their use of the Club on that date. Allan will have a lot of guests in attendance, and although we will have additional bar staff working most of the day, the bar may be quite busy. The snooker room will also be in use for the function from early in the day.

Frid 1st June – Clydeview Academy School Show fundraising party
Sat 2nd June – Greenock Hockey Club prize giving and summer party
Sat 2nd June – Club attending Troon Regatta

Sat 16th June – Club attending Arran regatta in Lamlash

Frid 29th June – June Boat Club Session
Sat 30th June – 50th Anniversary Event, marking the first Long Row using Zebra in 1968.
The crew who rowed from the Club round Mull and back that summer, are being joined by participants in subsequent Long Rows to take a trip to Kilcreggan before gathering back in the Club for dinner and finally a second showing of Hugh Kerr’s memorable presentation on the history of Long Rows from the Club. The Committee would respectfully request that members do not make any plans to use Zebra, Whiteforland, No. 10 or No. 11 Pairs on this date, as all are required for use by the past Long Rowers. Although the trip to Kilcreggan and dinner are by invitation only, there may be space within the hall later for the general membership to attend Hugh’s presentation.

It has been a busy few weeks at Royal West on the rowing front! We have seen an increased interest in competitive rowing from both existing club members and new members alike.

Saturday 29th April saw Royal West attend their first regatta of the season at Cockenzie and Port Seton. A team of 11 pictured below (with the exception of Elaine who left early) competed in 7 events during the day. The race format was a pursuit race between Port Seton’s 2 harbours, with an overall distance of approximately 500m. Crews started the race side by side but facing in opposite directions in the tight harbour mouth between the 2 harbours. The heats were all timed, with the fastest 4 boats progressing to semis and ultimately the final.

All crews turned in sub 3 minute heat times but this was unfortunately not enough to see them through to the semis apart from the Mixed 45+ who successfully made it through their heat and then beat the host club in the semi-final. Straight after their semi-final and with no time to rest, they faced Broughty Ferry in the hard fought final but unfortunately finishing 10 seconds behind them, resulting in the Silver medal for Royal West.

Fantastic first event with great weather and as usual, great company from the other clubs.

Saturday 5th May saw the club hosting our own Regatta with clubs attending from Largs, Arran, Troon, North Berwick and Carrick. Our event this year was sponsored by K&L Motors (owned by club member, Lindsay Dowds).

Our racing format was a sprint event with heats, followed by finals, over a 500m course. The finish line being the top of the middle slip. This format made for a great spectator event as the whole course could be viewed from the club balcony and beach.

This event saw the Royal West team expand to 19 plus 2 visitors from Ullapool. Royal West made it through to 6 of the 9 event finals. And of those 6 finals, we came 2nd in four of them! This was a fantastic result for us in what was the first regatta for some of our competitors.

In memory of Andy Jarvis from Queensferry, we also ran a 1500m race where each boat had to be crewed by the other clubs. I am delighted that the FoCCRC’s boat won this race with a new member from Carrick in the crew who lost year lost his leg in a motorbike accident. Following a conversation with the FoCCRC’s cox today, it is apparent that the crew was inspired to this win by the determination of this young man.

As I mentioned earlier, we had 2 visitors from Ullapool spend the weekend at Royal West. John and Tom (father and son) are currently travelling doing the 3 peaks and thought they would come visit us before heading to Snowden. They along with a contingent from Arran, stayed on for the party following the racing. On the Sunday, Adam took John and Tom to the Kilcreggan café for a coffee before they headed south.

In the overall results table, Royal West placed 3rd behind FoCCRC’s (2nd) and North Berwick (1st). Full results available on the link below:-
Royal West Regatta 2018 – RACE RESULTS

Many thanks to Alex Workman for the fantastic photos of the day posted on the club’s Facebook page.

Many thanks also to all those who contributed to the success of the day, both on and off the water. Special thanks to Phil Jones, Stuart Barr, Lindsay Dowds and Billy Carrol for providing safety cover. Robert Robertson and Jim Ford for starting the races. To my café crew, Angela Jones, Rose Sloan and Susie Clark. And to all the fantastic home bakers out there who supplied the café with lots of tasty treats. And lastly, to all you Royal West rowers – this has been a fantastic start to the season and you should all be proud of what you have achieved in a relatively short space of time. With results like these so early in the season, I am looking forward to seeing some Gold appearing round necks in the not too distant future!

And the not too distant future is Troon on the 2nd June and Arran on the 16th June. Go Royal West!!

Karen Graham
Rowing Convenor

The year is kicking off with a lot of activity on and off the water.

As well as the various sporting disciplines all now back on the water during the week training, there are a number of events in the coming 6 weeks that all should be aware of.

Tonight – April Boat Club Session
Tomorrow – There is a squad attending the Port Seton Regatta on the East coast
Sunday – Beach tidy at 1pm

Next Saturday – Club’s rowing regatta with quiz and disco at night

Sat 12th May – Private Function in the clubhouse

Sat 19th May – Private function in the clubhouse
Sat 19th May – Members volunteering at Wheels-to-Water event at Castle Semple Loch. See Willie Bell for more info

Fri 25th May – May Boat Club Session
Sat 26th May – Private function in the clubhouse
This Private Function is the wedding of one of our members (Mr. Allan Downie is marrying Miss Lee Trotter). They are being married on the beach in the middle of the afternoon and then using the hall for the reception.
The Committee would politely request that members bear this in mind when planning their use of the Club on that date. Allan will have a lot of guests in attendance, and although we will have additional bar staff working most of the day, the bar may be quite busy. The snooker room will also be in use for the function from early in the day.

Sat 2nd June – Greenock Hockey Club prize giving and summer party

There are more events planned for June and July that will be posted in the coming weeks


Check out what Joe has planned for the 2018 Season on the revamped Swimming-2018 Season tab above.

Abbreviated version below

200 Club prize winners:


1st – Stan Austin
2nd – Alex Paterson
3rd – Ian Craig


1st – Ian Brockett
2nd – Sharon Dunn
3rd – Fraser Rose


It has been brought to my attention tonight that another Privately Owned boat, stored in the Kayak Shed, has been used without the owner’s permission. The boat was left dirty and with damage to the cockpit cover. This is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Management Committee.

Almost all of the boats in that shed are privately owned. The shelves they are stored on have the owner’s name on them. Unless you have the explicit permission of the boat owner to use it then it must not be used in any circumstance.

If you are part of a boat sharing consortium, please make sure you know exactly which boats you have permission from the owners to use.


Adam Graham
Honorary Secretary

Sadly we acknowledge the passing of one of the River Clyde’s most well known Sea Kayakers. While not a member, Duncan was a long term friend and supporter of the Club and its Kayaking activities. Known throughout the world not only as a Sea Kayaker who had paddled a considerable distance and in a number of locations around the globe. He was perhaps best known as a leading international authority on the history and development of sea kayaking, from its traditional roots to the modern sport.

As an early enthusiast in Kayaking he designed the ‘Clyde’ and ‘Gantock’ sea Kayaks from which many modern boats have evolved. He was a leading figure in establishing the Scottish Canoe Association and in the development of a coaching scheme to support safe club paddling.

While he wasn’t a member of Royal West, in the early days of Sea Kayaking on the River, through the Schools’ Canoe Association and the early days of establishing Kayaking in the club, he was around the Club a lot supporting activities and assessments. He attended the 150th commemorative celebrations and the Scottish Canoe Association South West Regional Forum at the Club in September last year.

We will miss his knowledge, enthusiasm and support.

Matt McElroy

The AGM last Thursday marked the end of Vice President Alex Paterson’s term in the post as chair of the management committee. He is to be congratulated for managing the committee and Club during the last three years, that have seen important events and improvements at the Club.

Alex’s proposed replacement, Heather Scott, was warmly welcomed into the post by the meeting. Heather was the first female member to hold an Office Bearers role on the management committee. As Honorary Treasurer for the last 6 years she has made sure we are financially compliant and stable, with no debt and money in the bank. Heather is now the first female member to be appointed as Vice President.

Another important event on Thursday was the approval of a revised Constitution. We had been asked last year by the Scottish Canoe Association and Royal Yachting Association to make some changes to be compliant with current equality regulations. We also took the opportunity to make some changes of our own to bring the Constitution up to date. These changes were presented to a General Meeting in February and subsequently finalised and approved at the AGM on Thursday. A revised copy of the Constitution is now on the Club website. Key changes were as follows;

  • It was made gender neutral
  • Disciplinary procedure was made clearer
  • Wording in some of the membership categories was clarified
  • Associate membership has been retitled Clubhouse membership to help distinguish what use they have of the facilities.

In the new Constitution the subs applicable to a Family membership equate to the sum of the subs due by the adult members of that group. Examples would be as follows;

  • Two adults, one who wants to participate on the water and one who only wants to use the bar, then the subs will be £250 + £61 = £311
  • Two adults, one who qualifies as a Life member, then the subs would be £250 + £158 = £408
  • Two adults, both who would qualify as Ordinary, then the subs would be 2 x £250 = £ 500
  • Single adult Ordinary member who wants to include their children up to the age of 17 years. Their subs for a Family membership would be £250

In all instances their dependent children would be acknowledged as members of the Family membership and have access to the facilities of the Club.

Rose will be issuing renewal notices shortly, alternatively there will be hard copies on the forms in the clubhouse tonight. We would ask that however you pay your Subs we need the renewal form completed and returned in order to know how much and by what method you have paid. There have been instances in the last year where people paid directly into the bank but did not put any reference on the electronic payment or paid at the bar but did not complete a form. We have been unable to identify who made some of these payments.

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