All Members,

The Committee is seeking member’s input regarding the current club facilities and activities, also seeking your views concerning possible future developments.

To do this, an online a survey has been created using Survey Monkey. You will be able to find this survey my clicking on the link below.

Hard copies of the survey will be available in the clubhouse as well.

We would ask that you complete the survey online, or submit hard copies, by 5th November.


Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

Over the last few years we have avoided increasing the bar prices by a combination of controlling the bar overheads, adjusting purchasing methods and ultimately changing primary supplier. The time has come however, when we need to increase the prices to maintain the bar’s profitability.

Increases will take effect on Saturday 29th Sept.

The prices will increase by between 5p – £1 depending on the product, however on the more popular products the increases are only between 5p-20p. The larger increases are to products that we don’t hold a large stock of and tend to be predominantly popular at functions.

Some examples of the increases are as follows;
Pint of Tennents lager is currently £3.10, this will increase to £3.20
Pint of Tartan Special is currently £2.90, this will increase to £3.00
Gordons Gin is currently £1.55, this will increase to £1.70
Highland Park is currently £2.55, this will increase to £2.60
Smirnoff Vodka is currently £1.55, this will increase to £1.70

There are a few products where we have not increased the prices and notable soft drinks where we have actually reduced the price. Most 330ml cans of soft drinks will now be £1.00 rather than £1.05. The exception is Abbots Ginger Beer.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

Hi all,

Our Beach Convenor has a pre-winter beach tidy planned for Saturday 29th September at 10am.

Any help to remove rubbish, as well as winterising the beach/grounds, would be appreciated.



Alex Workman’s photos are now accessible on the website complete with results

Interesting article. Might be of interest to a number of our members

PDF version
Tail ‘o the Bank results – 2018

As you may know the Club has four boats entered this year in the long distance rowing event from Dumbarton Castle to the Finnieston Crane on Saturday 15th September

The Rowing Convenor, Karen Graham, has called a meeting of all participants and any Club members interested in helping out at the start in Sandpoint Marina. This Meeting will be in the clubhouse this Sunday (2nd Sept) at 4:30pm. We will be discussing

  • the logistics relating to getting the boats and crews to Dumbarton and back from Glasgow
  • assigning tasks to volunteers
  • an explanation of what crews and volunteers should expect to experience
  • the afterparty on the Saturday night
  • participation in the event on the Sunday in Glasgow

If you are racing but cannot attend on Sunday please let Karen or Adam know. If you want to help out but cannot attend on Sunday please let Karen & Adam know and we can meet up at a suitable time

Thanks to all who turned out yesterday morning.

Mat H, George C, Norman C, Colin W, Hugh J, Campbell Mc, Karen G, Liz Mc, Rose S, Ian W, Dick D, also a couple of our newer members Derek & Paddy.

We manged to relocate the skiffs, dismantle & remove the old kayak storage frame, relocate the old windsurfers, relocate the sailing shed and disconnect the power to the container.

Once the Tail o’ The Bank event is finished next Saturday the Rescue Boat will be secured on the beach, ready for the container to be removed. We also need to relocate the Sailing flagpole, bench and bin in the coming week.

Ogilvies are likely to start in early September and will be fencing off their work area everywhere West of the blue barrel on the hard, round to their gate at the top of the MOD slipway. We would ask the membership to respect this enclosure and be mindful of it, from a security point of view, when coming and going past the Club. We want to be as helpful and supportive as possible to Ogilvies in light of their very kind donation.

While pulling old windsurfers out from behind the container we discovered the various boats in the picture below. They are now on the hard just below the Repair Shed. If the owners would like to claim them and find appropriate storage that would be great, otherwise they will be disposed of at the end of October.

Next big event is of course the Tail o’ The Bank Event next Saturday. Hope to see as many of you down competing, helping out or simply enjoying the spectacle next weekend

Hi all,

As you should all be aware the construction of our new beach shed is due to start in early September. In order to facilitate this we need to clear everything, except the container, west of the access slip to the hard. This includes all the boats, trailers, masts, sailing shed, flagpole and temporary structures. Ogilvies will be removing the container once emptied.

Can we please have any and all volunteers available on Saturday morning at 10am to undertake this work. The more we have the quicker it will be finished.

Would all boat owners please make sure they are in attendance to move their boats, if they have not done so before then.


Hon. Sec.

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