Ladies 35+ crew returning to the relative calm of the harbour after coming second to Anstruther

The Club is hosting two days of events for the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association next weekend. All day Saturday and on Sunday morning we will have coaches from at least 11 clubs here going through training sessions.

Sunday afternoon from 2pm is the AGM of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association. This should be attended by members from the 18-20 clubs in the Association. Any Royal West member is welcome to attend.

Saturday morning will see novice rowers from Lochgilphead Joint Campus School being instructed in how to row by coaches from all over Scotland, thier methods and technique in doing this being reviewed and assessed by instructors from Royal West. In the afternoon everyone will experience Immersion Recovery Drills so that by the time they leave they have a solid understand of the actions needed to recovery casualties from the water. Late afternoon on Saturday will be a debrief and Q&A session on coaching.

Saturday evening the coaches will be attending the Club’s Halloween Party. They have to attend as one of the founding principles of the SCRA is to encourage members to meet socially.

Sunday morning is a series of discussion forums on regattas organising, umpiring and PVG. This will be rounded off with lunch in the Clubhouse.

If you want to keep track of the SCRA thier website is

Also on in Greenock next weekend is the Annual Dinner of the North British Rowing Club. This is being organised by Robert Robertson of Royal West, and takes place in the Tontine Hotel on Saturday night. We may see some of them about the Club over the weekend.

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  1. On behalf of Scottish Coastal Rowing Association I would like to express sincere thanks to Royal West of Scotland Boat Club for the hospitality that you extended to our member clubs over the weekend. The facilities you have were fantastic for holding our event, and as ever with Royal West you made your visitors feel very welcome and safe. It is very kind of your members to share their experience with the relative newcomers to the sport from other clubs. The catering that your members provided was very also very much appreciated. Best of Luck to Royal West of Scotland Boat Club in all its endevours,

    Robbie Wightman
    Convenor, Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

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