Following the statement from the Scottish Government at lunchtime today, it would be highly irresponsible of us as a Club to put any unnecessary strain on the emergency services. This includes providing a location for the virus to be transmitted while taking part in water sports or taking part in activities that may require them to attend to assist in any way (Ambulance, RNLI, Coastguard, etc).

This being the case the Members are advised that forthwith the clubhouse, beach and grounds are NOT to be used for any form of gathering. Neither are they to be used to enter or exit the water in any craft or swimming.

It has probably been over 75 years since the Club requested this of the Members, back when the clubhouse was requisitioned by the Admiralty during World War 2. It is therefore not without precedent that we ask this of you.

In our archives is a photo of the clubhouse and Members celebrating the end of the South African Wars (1899-1902). When we come out the other side of this battle we should gather in the style of that and record it for posterity.

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