It has been brought to my attention tonight that another Privately Owned boat, stored in the Kayak Shed, has been used without the owner’s permission. The boat was left dirty and with damage to the cockpit cover. This is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Management Committee.

Almost all of the boats in that shed are privately owned. The shelves they are stored on have the owner’s name on them. Unless you have the explicit permission of the boat owner to use it then it must not be used in any circumstance.

If you are part of a boat sharing consortium, please make sure you know exactly which boats you have permission from the owners to use.


Adam Graham
Honorary Secretary

Sadly we acknowledge the passing of one of the River Clyde’s most well known Sea Kayakers. While not a member, Duncan was a long term friend and supporter of the Club and its Kayaking activities. Known throughout the world not only as a Sea Kayaker who had paddled a considerable distance and in a number of locations around the globe. He was perhaps best known as a leading international authority on the history and development of sea kayaking, from its traditional roots to the modern sport.

As an early enthusiast in Kayaking he designed the ‘Clyde’ and ‘Gantock’ sea Kayaks from which many modern boats have evolved. He was a leading figure in establishing the Scottish Canoe Association and in the development of a coaching scheme to support safe club paddling.

While he wasn’t a member of Royal West, in the early days of Sea Kayaking on the River, through the Schools’ Canoe Association and the early days of establishing Kayaking in the club, he was around the Club a lot supporting activities and assessments. He attended the 150th commemorative celebrations and the Scottish Canoe Association South West Regional Forum at the Club in September last year.

We will miss his knowledge, enthusiasm and support.

Matt McElroy

The AGM last Thursday marked the end of Vice President Alex Paterson’s term in the post as chair of the management committee. He is to be congratulated for managing the committee and Club during the last three years, that have seen important events and improvements at the Club.

Alex’s proposed replacement, Heather Scott, was warmly welcomed into the post by the meeting. Heather was the first female member to hold an Office Bearers role on the management committee. As Honorary Treasurer for the last 6 years she has made sure we are financially compliant and stable, with no debt and money in the bank. Heather is now the first female member to be appointed as Vice President.

Another important event on Thursday was the approval of a revised Constitution. We had been asked last year by the Scottish Canoe Association and Royal Yachting Association to make some changes to be compliant with current equality regulations. We also took the opportunity to make some changes of our own to bring the Constitution up to date. These changes were presented to a General Meeting in February and subsequently finalised and approved at the AGM on Thursday. A revised copy of the Constitution is now on the Club website. Key changes were as follows;

  • It was made gender neutral
  • Disciplinary procedure was made clearer
  • Wording in some of the membership categories was clarified
  • Associate membership has been retitled Clubhouse membership to help distinguish what use they have of the facilities.

In the new Constitution the subs applicable to a Family membership equate to the sum of the subs due by the adult members of that group. Examples would be as follows;

  • Two adults, one who wants to participate on the water and one who only wants to use the bar, then the subs will be £250 + £61 = £311
  • Two adults, one who qualifies as a Life member, then the subs would be £250 + £158 = £408
  • Two adults, both who would qualify as Ordinary, then the subs would be 2 x £250 = £ 500
  • Single adult Ordinary member who wants to include their children up to the age of 17 years. Their subs for a Family membership would be £250

In all instances their dependent children would be acknowledged as members of the Family membership and have access to the facilities of the Club.

Rose will be issuing renewal notices shortly, alternatively there will be hard copies on the forms in the clubhouse tonight. We would ask that however you pay your Subs we need the renewal form completed and returned in order to know how much and by what method you have paid. There have been instances in the last year where people paid directly into the bank but did not put any reference on the electronic payment or paid at the bar but did not complete a form. We have been unable to identify who made some of these payments.

Dear Club Secretary, 

Please can you pass this information on to all of your Female members (over 18) and any other female’s who may be interested in attending this paddling event.

The Scottish Women’s Paddle Symposium

The aim of the weekend is to provide mentoring and inspiration to women who want to progress; whether that’s to gain a new qualification or purely for enjoyment; all in a social and supportive environment.  

The weekend has a wide verity of workshops at all levels so whether you want to try a new discipline, increase your confidence in a specific area, or improve on a specific skill or technique, there is a workshop for you. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know and paddle with like minded people.  

Venue: Snowgoose, Corpach, Fort William

Disciplines: Sea Kayak, Open Canoe and White Water. 

Date 11th – 13th May (Workshops starts on the Saturday). 

You can find out more and book the weekend here

Any questions just give the office a call on 01313 177314 or email

Many thanks for your help. 


The Opening Cruise is planned for Saturday 31st March.

Plan to leave the beach by 11:30 (so at Club no later than 11:00 for boat allocation) and head for Kilcreggan Hotel via Kilcreggan beach. Lunch at the hotel and back to the Club about 3pm (ish)

All sporting disciplines welcome and encouraged, although swimmers may want to leave a little earlier if not travelling by boat!!!!

The AGM will be held at 8pm on Thursday 29th March.

As of the AGM there will be a number of vacancies on the Management Committee. We will be looking to fill at least the following posts:
Honorary Treasurer
Bar Convenor
House Convenor

Anyone interested in any of these post should contact the Vice President or Honorary Secretary

One of the other topics for approval is the revised Constitution debated at a GM on 20th Feb. Updated version of this is available via the link below.

Const_Draft 05 March 2018

Wording highlighted in yellow is the amended version, original available if you look under ABOUT tab.

Agenda for the meeting and copy of minutes from 2017 AGM are below.

AGM Agenda 2018

AGM Minutes 2017

Adam A. Graham
Honorary Secretary

Just a wee reminder of some of the events the clubhouse will be hosting this week.

Tuesday – SCA are meeting with a kayaking group to further develop our relationship with them
Wednesday – Monthly management committee meeting
Thursday – Talk by Colin Campbell on the SCA awards scheme
Friday – Rum tasting night
Saturday – 6 Nations Rugby on the Big Screen (Super Saturday)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday events are open to all members to attend.

If you can help out by spending a few hours at the Club on Sunday please contact George via

The clubhouse was closed on Wednesday & Thursday nights, as it would have been difficult for staff or members to get to and from the clubhouse. We re-opened on Friday night from 5-9pm and then all as normal yesterday. The Club will open as normal today and hopefully all will return to normal on Tuesday night and throughout the rest of the week.

Keep an eye on this website and the various social media sites for updates on opening and the events planned for the coming 7-10 days.

As well as the Pool Sessions and the planned talk on Thursday night by Hugh Kerr, we will also have the Scotland v Ireland 6 Nations game showing on the big screen at 2:15pm on Saturday.

Due to the severe weather the Office Bearers and Bar Convenor chose to leave the clubhouse closed on Wednesday night and again tonight, thereby avoiding the need for Bar Staff & Cleaning Staff to travel in the conditions. We will review the situation during the day tomorrow as regards opening on Friday night.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

The Club owns a small fleet of dinghies, including a Laser single hander, Laser Stratos and a GP14 dinghy.

Only members who are competent in sailing can use any of these boats. In particular, care must be taken with the Laser Stratos to make sure that it is floating at all times unless on the launch trailer. If unsure about any aspect of use please contact the Sailing Convenor for guidance.

Any of the dinghies can be used during the day on weekdays but must be returned to the beach before 17:30, de-rigged and ready to be used for teaching.

Laser Stratos can only be used at weekends having agreed this with the Sailing Convenor in advance. As it is the primary teaching boat this activity will take priority at weekends.

Beginners should book sessions, typically in blocks of 3 with 2 beginners at a time. These will be at times to suit the beginner, instructor and weather conditions.

Members that have experience or have done their 3 sessions as a beginner can book time learning further skills, that can then lead towards personal certification awards and more advanced sailing skills.

Boats need to be signed out and back in again, as defined by the Club Bylaws. Any damage or breakages must be recorded in the Boat Book and reported to Sailing Convenor as soon as possible, to ensure repairs are carried out and boat available as quickly as possible.

Lindsay Dowds is the Club Sailing Convenor and can be contacted via or in person at the Club.

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