Hi all,

If you are storing any private boats inside the clubhouse this year please make sure that the appropriate fees have been paid.

As you will appreciate, with the increased number of private boats, space is at a premium. Some consideration is being given to additional covered & secure storage, that hopefully we can put in place during the winter.


Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.


The kayaks in the locked Kayak Shed are all privately owned and under no circumstances should they be used without the permission of the owner. There are plenty of Club kayaks accessible in the main shed.

Furthermore, as required in the Club’s Byelaws, all boat being launched must be signed out and in again, in the book provided for this purpose. Any damage to boats must be reported in the same book when they are signed back in.This covers private and Club owned boats.

Anyone found to be using privately owned boats or equipment without the owner’s permission may be referred to the Management Committee.

Adam Graham
Honorary Secretary

Our winter bar hours come into effect at the start of October.

From Monday 2nd October until Monday 26th March the Bar will not open on a Monday night.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

As some of you may know, the Club bought a Laser Stratos earlier in the Summer as a platform for teaching sailing to larger groups than the one-on-one format of double handed dinghies. It is also a faster and more exciting dinghy than the other two in the fleet.

Our recently co-opted Sailing Convenor Lindsay Dowds and past VP Al Black have committed to encouraging the wider membership to try sailing by providing beginner sessions that should see the new boat and existing fleet being used more regularly.

If you want to participate in these sessions please contact Lindsay via sailing@rwsabc.com or in person at the club. More info about use of the Club sailing fleet can be found on the pull down menu under the Sailing tab above.

The object of the Club it to promote and foster all amateur water sports. Our investment in this new boat and the commitment being made by members to encourage its safe use is another example of the Club’s commitment to that objective.

We would encourage all members to use as much of the Club’s fleet as possible. That includes the 2no 16’s, 2no pairs and 2no Heavy 4’s recently refurbished.

If you have any queries about use of Club sporting facilities or equipment please contact the relevant convenor.

Karen Graham rowing@rwsabc.com
Willie Bell canoeing@rwsabc.com
Lindsay Dowds sailing@rwsabc.com
Open Water Swimming
Joe Heffernan openwaterswimming@rwsabc.com
Captain of Boats
George McCallum captain@rwsabc.com

The Club is involved with a new rowing race being run this year as part of the Clydebuilt Festival at the Riverside Museum.

At about 10am on the morning of Saturday 23rd September about 80 fixed seat coxed rowing boats will set off at minute intervals from the mouth of the River Leven, below the ramparts of Dumbarton Castle, in a 13 mile race to the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow. Two crews from the Club are taking part. One in our St. Ayles Skiff Chippy McNish, the other in one of our Portobello Class Jollyboats Sprite.

There are crews attending from as far north as Shetland, as far south as Cornwall, as far West as Ireland and as far East as Holland.

Royal West has been asked if we can provide volunteer marshals for the launch site at Sandpoint Marina in Dumbarton on the Friday afternoon, to greet arriving crews, also Saturday morning to help get boats launched and act as timekeepers/starters. Every volunteer will get a free event T-shirt.

If you think you can spare any time on either day please contact me on secretary@rwsabc.com.

Message for all Members, but especially the ones who use the Ladies Changing Rooms.

Over the last few months various elements of work have been undertaken to improve the ladies changing facilities.

  1. Ogilvies removed the fence on the wall at our request
  2. This allowed us to have the new roof membrane fitted to make the rooms watertight
  3. The paintwork internally was refinished by Lynn Morrison
  4. Additional shower curtains were added by Rosemary
  5. New extract fans, tube heaters and an infrared heater were fitted by the House Convenor Jim Ford over the last couple of weekends.

On the last point above we would ask that no-one turns off any of the fans or heaters.

  • The two new fans are turned on whenever the lights are turned on and go off automatically 20mins after the lights are turned off. This is to allow them a chance to draw out the moist air left when the last user leaves.
  • The tube heaters mounted at high level on the walls are very low energy units that we want to remain on all the time to stop the room becoming cold & damp. Please do not turn them off.
  • There is a large grey box on the wall as you enter with a spring loaded switch on it. If you need an instant injection of heat into the room push this button and the new infrared heater will come on for 20mins then switch itself off.

In the coming weeks we will be changing the floor covering and replacing the lockers with smaller personal effects lockers.

If anyone has queries about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact myself of Jim Ford.


Adam Graham



Last night there was an unplanned tidy of the Repair shed and some of the less accessible spaces to the side and rear of the clubhouse. This has resulted in a couple of piles of rubbish and long disused equipment.

Round the back in particular there are some kayaks, wind surfers & masts that have been lying outside and unused for a number of years. Unless someone lays claim to them, and finds an appropriate place to store them in the next few days, they will be scrapped during next week.

Will keep you all posted as to which evening we will be loading the skip. Assistance would be appreciated.

See the webpage below for more detail


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