Booking a Private Function

Thank you for requesting the use of the Boat Club Premises for your function. We shall be obliged if you will read the following notice, which outlines the rules of the Club for social functions. The form Private Function Booking Form should be completed and handed to one of the Bar Staff who will ensure that it is submitted for approval at the next committee meeting.

We ask that a Club member makes the booking and attends the function taking responsibility for it. This gives the committee a single member with whom we can communicate to make sure that everyone’s expectations are met.

We would like to draw to your attention the undernoted procedures, which must be adhered to. This will ensure that the function complies with the rules of the Club.

1. All non-members MUST be signed in by a Club member prior to purchasing alcohol. This is required under the terms of the Club’s Licence. It is the responsibility of the person booking the function to ensure that non-members purchasing alcohol enter their names in the Visitors’ Book. If it is a Club member booking the function they must remain at the function until such time as the non-members finish purchasing alcohol.
2. It is the responsibility of the person booking the function to ensure that no-one under the age of 18 attempts to purchase alcohol, nor has alcohol purchased for them for consumption at the function. If the nature of the function is such that a high proportion of the people attending will be under 18 then this should be intimated on the booking form so that arrangements can be made for the service of non-alcoholic drinks via the hatch into the Hall.
3. No-one under the age of 18 years is permitted into the Bar.
4. License conditions decree that those under 16 years old must vacate the premises by 10pm.
5. A payment of £ 70 is required to secure the booking, also to cover the cost of additional bar staff and cleaning. This should be paid when booking the function, 50% is refundable if the function is cancelled more than two week in advance.
6. No alcohol whatsoever shall be brought into the Club without the prior approval of the Committee. This alcohol will be subject to a corkage charge. Should you require drinks that the Club does not normally stock, please liaise with the Bar Staff who will endeavour to acquire them for the function.
7. Please ensure that you are aware of the Club’s licensed hours and advise your guests accordingly.
8. The use of Party Poppers, Glitter, Confetti and deep fat fryers are not permitted.
9. Please note that the maximum number of attendees at a function is 80.
10. Visitors attending the function are expected to use the seating in the Hall, however the use of the Bar area is allowed with the exception of the reserved tables. These will be clearly marked for the exclusive use members and their guests, not in attendance at the function.

Adam Graham (Hon. Secretary)