There are 2 broad types of Membership at the Royal West.  These are Clubhouse Membership and Sporting Membership.

Clubhouse Membership gives one access to the Social Activities and the Bar at the Club. Sporting Membership has all the privileges of Clubhouse Membership but also gives you access to the sports at the Club. 

As a Sporting Member you could have access to all the sporting and social activities on offer at the Club. This includes Club owned kayaks, canoes, rowing boats, sailing dinghies including associated safety equipment. There are also Club run sessions where members teach and coach water sport skills on a member-to-member basis.

For all Members the Club has an active social calendar through the year with a monthly Folk night, sporting event functions, private functions and seasonal themed events.

The membership year runs from April-March, Membership categories & the full annual fees are shown below. 

Membership Category
Clubhouse £ 84.00 (£7.00 per month)

Ordinary £ 276.00 (£22 per month)
Family £ Depends on the number and Membership Class of the adults taking out a Family Membership
Life £ 180.00 (£15 per month)
Student £ 75.00 (£6.25 per month)
Country £ 180.00 (£15 per month)

New Members to the Royal West must take out a 1-month Temporary Membership.  There are two types of Temporary Membership.  For those wishing to have access to just the Bar and Clubhouse the charge is £30.  For those wishing to access, the Bar, Clubhouse and Sports the charge is £50.  During the month of Temporary Membership, the Club reserves the right not to invite you to take out Full Membership.  However, most people are asked at the end of the month of Temporary Membership whether they want to take out Full Membership.  If they decide to take out full Membership the remainder of the annual subscription is to be paid. The Temporary Membership fee that has been paid is credited towards the Full Membership Fee. During a person’s first year of Membership, new members only pay for the months they are a member.  If the person declines Full Membership the Club will keep the Temporary Membership fee they have paid. 

New Members can become Ordinary, Family, Student, Country or Clubhouse Members.  Ordinary, Family, Student and Country Memberships are all Sporting Memberships.  The class of Sporting Membership you can take out is dependent on your personal circumstances.  The Membership Forms available for download below have more information.   Also, the Subscriptions Convener can advise you if you have questions. 

Family Membership is intended for Sporting Members who are willing to be responsible for children who want to participate in water sports under the supervision of the adult member(s). 

For anyone wishing to apply for membership or needing more information please email subscriptions[@] – remove [@] and replace with @

We also have a monthly cash raffle open to Club members and non-members. The form to join this is available from secretary[@] remove [@] and replace with @

PDF Temporary Membership Form 

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Word Temporary Membership Form

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Updated April 2024