Clyde Coastguard is, for good reason, distressed and in serious need of assistance.

The specialist Clyde Coastguard station – the third largest in the entire UK – known immediately to those working, travelling and taking their leisure in Clyde and west coast waters will not exist beyond the end of this year, unless everyone who cares about this issue takes determined action to prevent it.

Save Clyde Coastguard, the campaign to save it is asking for everyone with a boat to spare a little time to join a Red Flare Flotilla off Greenock at 8.00pm on Friday 31st August.

Save Clyde Coastguard hopes that this distress flare of its own will be seen by commercial, naval and leisure craft users of the Clyde waterway system. This includes the naval ships in the Gare Loch and Loch Long, familiar users of our water; tug companies, shipping industry operators, Clydeport, lifeboats, ferry operators, fishing boats, dive boats, waterborne visitor experience providers, yacht clubs, boat charterers – every and all type of craft.

What to do
Be there – on the water or, as a spectator, on the Greenock Esplanade – at the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club end. Spectator presence is equally vital to show public support for the Clyde Coastguard service.

All boats:
•Muster off the Clyde Coastguard Station at Greenock well before 8.00pm.
•Keep radios open on Chanel 12 VHF DSC.

Information copied from Argyll News and posters in the Clubhouse

5 Responses to “Save Clyde Coastguard Red Flare Flotilla – 31st August”

  1. Red flares are an international distress signal used by sea-farers in distress to attract attention. As per international maritime law it is illegal to use red flares for any other purpose.
    Do you realize the harm you will do to the good name of your club in publicizing this event and encouraging people to have “red flare to hand”.
    Demonstrate, sign petitions, let off fire works, flares NO…..

    Colin Lochhead,
    Marine Technician, MCA.
    Ex – Life Member.

    • Colin,

      As you will no doubt appreciate there is a huge amount of concern locally with the relocation of this service from an area that clearly needs it. This concern has and will manifest itself in many ways.

      As a former Club member and someone who is effected by this planned closure, I will respect your wishes and have amended the posting on the Club website to remove any reference to the use of Red Flares. I will be in attendance tonight and will discourage the use of them by Club members, but cannot control the use of them by members of the public who may be on the public beach or Esplanade.

      Adam Graham
      Hon Sec

      • Thank you Adam, I appreciate your positive response.
        I understand the concern of the public at the cutting of such an important service but I would strongly advise the club distance itself from the organisation and participation of such an event.


        • Colin,

          I respect your comments on this matter and can assure you that the Club is not involved in anyway in organising this event. As regards participation, a lot of the membership feel strongly about these issues and the Club is in no position to stop them participating from the Club property.

          Thank you for your comment and advise, greatfully received.


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