General information about kayaking

Monday evenings (April to September)

  • Meet at circa 6pm to be on the water for 6:30pm.
  • Principally for beginners and those willing to assist.
  • A coach or experienced member will be present to help choose kit and provide guidance both on and off the water.
  • Sessions tailored to suit participants.
  • If you have not attended a session before then please contact kayak convenor in advance to ensure space is available.

Tuesday evenings (April to September)

  • Meet at circa 6pm to be on the water for 6:30pm.
  • Sessions are not usually coached.
  • Experience paddlers go for a local trip.
  • Some paddlers simply stay in vicinity of the club to hone their skills.

Weekend day trips (April to September)

  • Meet at club at circa 10:30am on Sundays.
  • These are usually day trips that return in the late afternoon.  Distance travelled depends on weather conditions and ability of attendees.
  • Day trips are peer paddles and not formally led.  It is assumed participants have considered the length of the trip, weather and tidal conditions etc. and deemed it is within their capabilities.  If in doubt, please seek advice.

Ad hoc outings

  • Groups of paddlers often arrange ad hoc outings at various times. This is encouraged provided paddlers have sufficient experience, are familiar with rescue procedures and carry appropriate safety equipment.
  • Regard must be taken of weather, sea conditions etc. and the ability of those taking part.  Remember: conditions on the Clyde can change quickly.

Longer trips

  • Several times a year, trips are arranged to go further afield.  These can be multi-day expeditions with camping or other overnight accommodation.
  • Generally, peer trips arranged by, or around, the individuals who can go along. Organisers will advise on the skill level needed for a particular trip.

Pool Sessions

  • Winter, sessions in the Waterfront Leisure Complex from December to March.
  • The sessions are popular so booking is recommended.
  • There is a fee of £5 per evening per participant.

Presentations in clubhouse (Mostly during winter months)

  • Talks and slide shows take place in the clubhouse during the evening, usually in February and March.


  • Our web-site ( has information about the club.
  • The Facebook page (RWSABC Kayakers) is a popular means of communication.  You are encouraged to post and comment.
  • We have some short videos at:


  • Kayaks, paddles, waterproof tops and buoyancy aids are provided by the club and are available for use by members.
  • New members will be given a tour showing equipment that is available.
  • Keys to the kayak shed and changing rooms can be provided for a small fee.
  • All beginners require to have is suitable clothing for wearing on the water and a towel and dry clothing for after the session.

Formal training

  • Paddlers are encouraged to participate in the award scheme administered by the Scottish Canoe Association but it is not compulsory.
  • First Aid and Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) courses are arranged from time to time. These are recommended.


  • The majority of members paddle sea kayaks but some have open canoes and others occasionally paddle river boats.
  • Most of our club boats are also sea kayaks although we also have small plastic boats and open canoes – all available for the use of members.
  • It is recommended that you try several different types of craft before you purchase your own.  Members are happy to offer advice.

Other watersports activities

  • The club also offers rowing, sailing and open water swimming.
  • There is no need to just stick to one discipline.

Further information

If you would like further information or just want to chat about options then please speak with one of our members or e-mail: