Member’s Subscriptions 2024-25

An email has been sent to all Members containing information about their Subscription for 2024/2025.

If you are a member and you haven’t received the email please email the Secretary or Subscriptions Convener who can forward the email to you. 

Subscription Rates

At the AGM the following Subscription Rates were approved
Ordinary – £276 per year
Life – £180 per year
Country – £180 per year
Student – £75 per year
Clubhouse – £84 per year
Honorary Life – No subscription due
Locker Fee – £5, Outboard Storage Fee – £22,
Boat/Kayak/Trailer/SUP Storage Fee – £41

Looking forward to a great year

The Committee and members are working hard to make this a great year at the Club. We have a good programme of sporting and social events coming up. The Club is working to increase the provision of social and sporting activities. If you wish to get involved, then we are open to suggestions and offers to help.

We are grateful for the support that you have shown the Club in the past.