200 Club

The 200 Club is a monthly prize draw in support of the Royal West.  Participants pay £5 per month or £60 per subscription year to participate.  Each month there is a draw and half of the money raised is paid out to 3 winners.

This is a gentle way to support the Club and offers the opportunity to win some money.

The winners since April 2022 have been:

Month1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
January 2024Lucy DorrianJulie EvansMagdaleen Twaddle
December 2023Helen McKenzieRose SloanElaine Hunter
November 2023John Reid DaleS DunnHugh Kerr
October 2023Eric ParkRhona WallaceJohn McDonald
September 2023Ian BrockettSandy DisseldoffFraser Rose
August 2023John McDonaldAndrew TaylorGeorge Carson
July 2023Helen McKenzieJohn Reid DaleLucy Dorrian
June 2023Elaine HunterYvonne ChristieJoe Heffernan
May 2023Fraser RoseEleaine HunterCheryl Carson
April 2023Karyn DonnachieMarie PatersonMat Henderson
March 2023Paddy RoddenJoe HeffernanEric Park
February 2023Hugh KerrKaren RadfordKaryn Donnachie
January 2023Sandy DisseldorfNorman CampbellRhona Wallace
December 2022John ReidCarron McKeeJanice Abbot
November 2022Yvonne ChristieIan BrockettNorman Campbell
October 2022John BruceAllan DownieJanice Abbot
September 2022Eric ParkKaryn DonnachieYvonne Christie
August 2022John TaylorJames CrawfordAllan Downie
July 2022Elaine HunterRose SloanAndrew Taylor
June 2022Eric ParkFraser RoseAllan Downie
May 2022John McDonaldFrancessca LowrieJohn Bruce
April 2022Norman CampbellYvonne ChristieRhona Wallace