200 Club draw

During the Fundraiser on Saturday night the Club’s Hon Treasurer arranged to draw the 200 Club.

At the AGM in March this year the membership voted to increase the monthly fee from £1 to £5, with the intention of generating a more meaningful prize fund for distribution to the 200 Club members and at the same time a higher income for the Club.

A number of members were continuing to pay the fee to the 200 Club by Standing Order based on the old rate of £1/month. The Committee decided to hold a final single draw, to distribute the accumulated prize fund received from this group since the change to the new monthly fee. The draw for this fund took place during the Club Fundraiser with the following winners:

1st – Andy Crossan winning £125
2nd – Fiona Bell winning £80
3rd – Maggi Blair winning £40

Members still paying £1/month by Standing Order are reminded to update their membership to the 200 Club.

The draws for the monthly winners for the 200 Club members who are paying £5/month also happened during the Fundraiser on Saturday with the following results:

There were only 5 members in April so prize fund was only £12.50
1st – George Carson Snr £12.50

There were 24 members from May-October so prize fund was £60

1st – Norman Campbell £30
2nd – Stan Austin £20
3rd – Matt Neilson £10


1st – Eileen Morman £30
2nd – Patrick Johnston £20
3rd – Ian Craig £10


1st – Ewen Chisholm £30
2nd – J Mathie £20
3rd – John Phillips £10


1st – Sandy Disseldorf £30
2nd – Matt Henderson £20
3rd – George Carson Snr £10


1st – Colin Campbell £30
2nd – Malcolm Dale £20
3rd – D Chambers £10


1st – George Carson Jnr £30
2nd – I Cameron £20
3rd – W Lochhead £10

Please spread the word about the 200 Club. The more members the larger the prize fund.