5 July Update to Phase 2 procedures for Water Sports at RWSABC

Given that people can now travel more than 5 miles for outdoor activities there is a minor update to the Phase 2 procedures for Water Sports at RWSABC.

The most significant change has been the removal of the restriction of people taking their boats away from the Club and returning them.  This is now allowed so long as you wash your craft down well upon returning it to the Royal West.

One other notable change is that while taking your boat out after dark is not allowed multi-day journey from the Royal West are allowed as long as other Scottish Government restrictions are observed.  Note that at present ‘wild camping’ is not allowed.

RWSABC COVID Phase 2 Procedures V4 updated 5 July  <- Click here to download the revised procedure

The updated procedure can be accessed from the Link above.

One other change included in the document is information on space in front of the Repair Shed for Kayak repairs.