A request for assistance with Club furniture refurbishment

Hello all,

You may be aware that improvements to the furniture in the Club were approved at the AGM. 

The bar and hall seating are going to be renewed. We have engaged an upholsterer to reupholster the existing bench seating in the bar and hall.  At the same time, we are planning to refurbish the chairs in the hall.

The plan is to set up the large marquee in the garden and then take the seat pads and backrests off 10 chairs at a time. These will then be dropped at the upholsterers to be reupholstered. We will sand and paint the metal chairs in the marquee. When the seat pads and backrests are done they will be put back on our freshly painted chairs.

We need six people to put the gazebo up tomorrow (Monday, 6 August) around 11:30am. We are going to be working on the chairs on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 6 pm and 8 pm.

We hope to get all of the work done in the next 3 weeks. If you can spare time to help feel free to come down.


Karen Radford – RWSABC Sporting Activity and Regalia Convener

Photo showing the current chairs in the RWSABC Hall