AGM 2020 Beach Convenor’s Report

It’s been a very busy 12 months across all disciplines & areas of the club both on and off the water including the beach.

So what has been done over the last 12 months?

Slip Rota

A slip rota has been put in place and you guys came forward very quickly to not only add your name to this, to your credit every volunteer turned up by their own accord on their allocated month and did the job.

Land reclaim Area

This year saw an effort being made to reclaim some beach area to the west side of the slip using masonry removed from the wall of the housing development next door to the club. Despite the best efforts of our volunteering members, the recent storms at the beginning of this year have had some impact unfortunately so this will be revisited in the future when life gets back to normal.

Rear Gardens

You may have noticed the bushes in the center of the rear gardens have been removed and replaced with seeded grass. This has been done for future activities at the club and the potential of visiting clubs to camp overnight while attending summer events allowing us to offer them to enjoy an evening’s entertainment and hospitality at the RWSABC.

Trailers & Boat storage

You will have seen on various club communications we have been making an effort to clean up the unused trailers and boats lying on our beach and control what is currently stored there. As mentioned last year at the AGM we now have a tagging system almost ready for implementing. Thanks to the members who contacted me regarding this, your input and suggestion have been considered and very helpful. However removal of boats and activity requiring people getting together is currently put on hold until further notice due to the COVID-19 situation.

Community Area

Many of us have been working hard to clean up our beach with the intention of creating a community area where members and families can come down and enjoy the beach we are so lucky to have at our club. BBQs, get togethers, kids skimming stones and adults enjoying a refreshment whilst looking across the clyde with friends on a summers evening is all part of the vision the committee have for our beach. This is something that will not happen overnight but with your help and funds in the future specifically being raised for this cause… is something we all feel and hope is achievable with a bit of hard work and effort.

So what can you do to help??

Well right now not a lot!….We are all aware the Coronavirus is having a massive effect on our lives and our way of living….so right now the only thing we can really all do is to support the club financially if we can through this time so the club can still be in existence and here for us all once this is over and normal activity can resume.

My Thanks

This past year we have had a great response and I have to thank all members that came along and rolled up their sleeves, got involved in various work parties throughout 2019 and raised money towards the community beach project! The team effort and sense of Royal West community has been outstanding even when there was some tough & heavy jobs to be done like #sleepergate, #pointthewallgate, #drystonedykegate and #howbigsyerbeach. You turned up in numbers and really made a difference. As mentioned earlier when we introduced a slip clean rota you guys very quickly, from across all sporting club disciplines, came forward & not just put your name down but turned up and did the job on the month you said you would!! I thank you all and hope you continue to support these various work parties & rotas when a form of normality resumes!

Once again thank you all so much for your efforts during 2019…Stay safe and I hope to see you all later this year at the Royal West Scotland ABC!

Stuart Barr
Beach Convenor