AGM 2020 – Message from the Honorary Treasurer

Hi all,

We would normally have posted the 2019/20 Accounts and Proposed Budgets for 2020/21 on the Club Noticeboard last weekend. This would have been pointless as the clubhouse is closed and things were evolving hour-by-hour, that would impact on the 20/21 Budget. I will come back to the year ahead a little later.

Looking at our Financial Year 2019/20, it was another success for the Club. The Bar showed a profit of £1,157 and the House showed a profit of £578. The Clubs accounts were independently audited and signed off on 3rd March 2020 by Louise Wilson CA. A full set of the accounts will be available for everyone to view as soon as the clubhouse can re-open. They can be discussed and any explanations provided at the AGM when we can hold one.

The good performance last year was in part due to prudent management of our costs, but also in the increased activity on and off the water generating income through Subs, Bar revenue & Fundraising events. Long may this growth continue.

As regards the year ahead, we need to make sure the Club survives this international crisis. We are looking into various rebates and other cost saving measures. You may also have heard we sold bar stock last weekend that would have gone out of date in the next 2 months. We also gave some to the IRH staff and a local food bank. We may do a similar exercise in the future depending on how long the bar needs to stay closed. As we have not relied on income from the Bar to support the Club’s House account its closure will only really impact on our ability to pay the staff wages. We should be able to get some assistance from central government towards this. We have good staff and will need them for the After Party.

On a serious note though, we do need to ask you to pay Subs for the coming year to cover costs. The level of these Subs should be published shortly and will be set to make sure we pay our essential suppliers, insurance and have something in reserve for unforeseen maintenance. They also allow for the possibility that some of you may choose not to renew.

The package we will propose is at a lower level than last year, will have flexibility as to when you start paying and over what period. Please read it carefully before making any decision. If you are in any doubt contact Rose or myself to discuss payment. We want to retain the membership numbers we have all worked so hard to build for years now, but we also need to make sure the Club survives so we have somewhere for the After Party.

Marie Paterson
Honorary Treasurer