AGM 2020 Social Convenor’s Report

I am delighted to say that the past year seems to have been another successful for the activities in the club.

I must stress that the success is not down to any one person. Although I am making this report it is not all due to me. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and ideas coming from the general membership, who after all the social activities should be all about.

The Boat Club Acoustic Sessions are still well attended by both musicians and members and friends who come to listen. It is amazing to think that the sessions will be 9 years old in July this year.

I saw a posting in Facebook asking if there were any Ukulele players meeting up in the Inverclyde area. There didn’t seem to be any so in May last year I started the monthly Uke Strums on Saturday afternoons. These are fun and have brought us a wide range of participants aged from about 6 to let us say “senior”. Some of our member, neighbours from the flats are regular attenders.

It is great to see the winter talks continuing to grow and bring people together in the clubhouse. Well done to Tom and Paul and all involved.

We had Cocktail and Whisky Tastings last year and I had planned for a Gin Tasting on the 15th May. I am currently in discussions to reschedule that as I feel there is too much uncertainty that we will be able to hold social gatherings again by mid-May. If possible I would like to work on another Cocktail Tasting for during the summer months.

The Movie Nights are becoming legendary and Lesley McLaren and her small team of helpers are doing a wonderful job that brings fun and funds to the club.

In November I held a CD launch in with Barrie Kelly, the Ten Gallon Bratz and friends, including our stain glass artist, Alex Galloway. It was a sell out and another achievement for our club to have it held there.

Allan Downie has also held very successful music nights in the club and I believe intends to bring more this year once the Government restrictions are lifted. Sadly Lesley McLaren’s band, The Revel Sparks has had to be cancelled due to the current policy in avoiding unnecessary social gatherings. Hopefully they will be able to play the club later in the year.

The Curry and Quiz nights organised by Vicky Cookson and Robb Ross are now proving very popular and it is terrific to see another new social idea introduced to the club’s activities.

We managed a bonfire and firework nights despite the miserable weather.

The annual Hogmanay Party sold out in record time and was another big success for the members and friends who are the Hogmanay Hoolies.

In January we held an informal Burns Night; Bard at the Boat Club. This included a buffet Burns supper, toasts, poetry recitals, and music all supplied by members and friends of the club. It proved so a popular that we will be planning a similar event for next year and let’s hope we can get that wonderful haggis again. Very tasty.

Once the club is fully opened again I hope we can see our members and their friends coming to the club and using the bar facilities to enjoy the social side of club life and helping our funds which will no doubt be depleted this year with the cancellation of so many events. We have a cosy comfortable bar, in a tremendous location, with balcony, beach and garden. It is staffed by lovely people. Please use it for a refreshment, alcoholic or otherwise , when you come off the water or for an evening or afternoon out with friends.

As Social Convener, on behalf of the Committee I would like to thank all those who work so hard with enthusiasm and gusto to make the social scene at our wonderful club such a success. Please feel free to talk to me if you have any ideas you would want to see us put on in the club and I will do all I can to support it.

Warm regards,
George Carson
Social Convener.