Another couple of busy weeks coming up

Last weekend was busy at the Club with the P1 Powerboats. This Friday we have the June Boat Club Session, then next Friday is the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership event. Please follow the instructions on the website article below about registering for this event.

As well as all of that you will have noticed the scaffolding on the South wall of the clubhouse. This is there to allow repointing of the wall ahead of it being chemically sealed against the ingress of rain through the 151 year old brickwork.

You may also have noticed that the fence between ourselves and Ogilvies is starting to come down. This should be complete this week and will allow our contractors to undertake works to seal the roof of the Ladies Changing Room and the Engine Shed.

In other news, Zebra should be ready for collection from GalGael in Govan w/c 10th July. Zebra has been up there for refurbishment over the last couple of months. Assistance will be required to load and offload in that week. Will let you know the details closer to the time. Think we will probably have a re-dedication of Zebra at the Club rowing regatta on Saturday 29th July. Zebra was 50 years old last month.

Should also mention the new dinghy the Club bought a couple of weeks ago. This is a Laser Stratos. This was sourced for us by Lyndsay Dowds. He and Al Black are making arrangements to start teaching sailing at the Club using this boat. It is capable of taking a crew of 4, so better suited for teaching large numbers. Will get more information out when details agreed.