Another first for the Club this year.

For the first time ever the Management Committee hade a Virtual Committee meeting on Wednesday night.

A few things came out of the meeting that need to be intimated or re-iterated to the membership.

1. As there are no solid prospects of the suspension of the current social distancing guidelines, we have taken the decision to postpone the AGM for a further month. The revised date is now Thursday 25th June 2020.

2. The clubhouse and grounds remain closed until such time as we are advised by The Scottish Government that it is safe to re-open.

3. All functions or events at the Club are currently cancelled up to 25th June.

4. Guidance from National Governing Bodies of the sports we offer, as well as the Coastguard and Peel Ports, is that the river is not to be used for leisure activities. This is to avoid any chance of burdening the emergency/rescue services at this time.
VP Heather Scott applauded the membership for their continued adherence to this guidance and their acceptance of the current restrictions.

5. A small group of Members is monitoring the clubhouse and grounds on a daily basis, carrying out essential checks and maintenance. This includes opening the shed & balcony doors to air these areas, cutting grass and cleaning. These Members are working in small family groups or individually. Please do not be offended if they decline any offers of assistance you may tender when you see them.

6. In addition to the Club’s monitored alarm system, some of our newer members who live in the new Ogilvies development have been keeping watch over the grounds & beach well. An informal neighbourhood watch. Thanks due to them.

7. Rose Sloan & Joe Heffernan have been working incredibly hard this year with the swift creation and implementation of a new Subscriptions renewal system. The response by the membership has been heartening with 57% of the membership confirming renewal by the end of April. The Subs, boat storage fees & donations raised to date equates to 85% of the income figure required to balance the emergency budget set for this year. There are still 11 months of the Subscriptions year to run, so that is an incredible achievement in a single month.

8. Membership of the 200 Club has also shown a dramatic increase this year. The next draw will be as soon as the Hon. Treasurer Marie Paterson can have someone outside her family group assist in drawing the numbers.

On a general point, the Management Committee would like to thank the membership for their support of the Club at this time. Prompt payment of Subscriptions, offers of assistance/advice as well as simple supportive messages. These all confirm to us how much you folks care for the Club and in turn helps us make sure it is safe & ready when we can use it again.

Stay Safe

Management Committee.