Beach and Club Tidy – 26 February 2023

The beach and club could do with some tidying and cleaning.  From time-to-time Members come together to do this. 

The Committee has scheduled Sunday 26 February from 10am to 2pm for this.  Everyone is invited.  We recommend that you bring a pair of gloves and dress for the conditions.  

We will have the urn set up for teas and coffee.  If you remember, please bring your own cup

The work which we hope to do is:

  • Removal of some boats from the sheds to allow tidying and sweeping,
  • Tidying of the sheds,
  • Returning the boats removed to the sheds,
  • Litter and junk removal from the outside areas,
  • Mowing and gardening in the back of the Club House,
  • Other jobs still to be identified.

Please contact the Honorary Secretary if you have questions or suggestions.