Busy couple of weekends at the Club

The next two weekends will see a lot of activity at the Club.

Friday night is the May “Boat Club Session” hosted by Young George Carson.

Saturday the Captain of Boats has arranged another Activity Day, where members and thier guests are invited to take part in all forms of activity. It starts about 11am with a beach tidy, from about 1pm there will be activity on the water. Later in the afternoon we will light the barbecue, so bring your own meat and rolls.

Also on Saturday at about 1:30pm the crew taking Whiteforelend to the Queen’s Jubilee Pagaent will be hosting a visit by the Lord Lieutenant, his deputy and at least two of the three local Provosts. They are visiting to inspect the crew and boat that will be representing the Lieutenancy of Renfrewshire.

Next weekend we have the Club’s Rowing Regatta on the Saturday, with associated dance in the evening. On the Sunday there will be a fun day where we will probably have our own pagaent on the Esplanade, as well as some fun events and another barbecue. On Sunday evening Young George has arranged a live entertainment session and singalong. He is looking for volunteers to add to the list of acts already confirmed, so don’t be shy.

Keep an eye on the Club noticeboards for more information.