Castle to Crane – 5 Miles from Home event – RWSABC Entries and times of departure

Royal West rowers are taking part in the Castle to Crane: 5 Miles from Home challenge this weekend.  This is a virtual running of the Castle to Crane over a 5 mile course in each team’s home waters.  Teams from around the world will be participating.  Each team will report their times to the organiser so that the fastest fixed seat rowers can be recognised for their achievements. Royal West has entered 5 Boats in this event.

First to go on Friday (18 September) at 5pm is Ronald Graham, Adam Graham and Hugh Jamieson crewing pair no 11. On Saturday (19 September)  Jollyboat Naiad takes to the water at 2.15pm with crew Gary Connor, Alex Paterson, Ali Wright, Hugh Jamieson and Ronald Graham. On Sunday (20 September) Chippy McNish sets off at 10am with Elaine Hunter, Carron McKee, Rose Sloan, Hugh Jamieson and Karyn Donnachie on board. Also keep an eye out for Colin Campbell and Adam Graham taking to the water (separately) in the sixteen!

Wish our competitors well and hope for good rowing conditions.