Closing Cruise 2020 – Saturday 3 October 11:00 am to 3 pm – Booking required

In keeping with tradition there will be a Closing Cruise 2020 (conditions permitting) to celebrate sporting activity during this most exceptional of seasons.  However, with COVID restrictions there will have to be some changes compared to previous years.
The changes that are going to be put in place are:
  1. Participants are require to book a place on the Closing Cruise.  This is to allow the ‘Field of Play Bubbles’ registers to be prepared before the event.
  2. Numbers may be limited.  The maximum number that can be in a ‘Field of Play Bubble’ is 30 persons.  It is expected that there may be several different ‘Field of Play Bubbles’ for the different disciplines and craft.  Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Information on how to book a place is provided below.  There is a chance that some people wishing to attend the Closing Cruise will be told that they cannot attend as the event is over subscribed.  Please understand that we don’t want to do this but there are limitations associated with the Royal West’s intention to be responsible club with the interest of Members and the Community in our hearts.
  3. You will be allocated a time to undertake your preparation and launching.  This is to avoid large groupings forming.
  4. Return and landing will need to be staggered to avoid large groups forming.
Weather dependent options:

Option 1 with good conditions: Paddlers, rowers and sailors leave from Club (during their allocated time slot) with packed lunch to land on a beach for a socially distanced picnic
Option 2 if conditions are not so good:  Paddlers, rowers and sailors leave from the Club (during their allocated time slot) for a 1 to 2 hour excursion without stops returning to the Boat Club

Option 3 if conditions are poor: Closing Cruise will be cancelled.
COVID requirements

This event can take place under a ‘field of play bubble’.  There will be multiple bubbles for paddlers, rowers and sailors.  A register will be taken listing all who attend for Test and Protect.  This event is limited to members only.
To assist with the organisation of this event please send an email to: make the subject line: ‘Closing Cruise’.  List the names of the people who expect to attend and indicate whether they will be paddling, rowing or sailing.  You must send your email no later than 4:00pm on Friday, 2 October.
During the course of the week leading up to Saturday you will be kept informed via email with instructions.  Final Instructions will be issued on the evening of Friday, 2 October.
If you have questions about the above please contact Joe Heffernan via email –