Clyde Swim 2014 – The Esplanade (RWSABC to Margaret Street and back) (1.85mi – 3km)

On 16 August, 20 swimmers took part in and 19 completed the Clyde Swim along The Esplanade in Greenock. This swim is a distance of 1.85 miles (3 km). Normally the swim takes place across The Clyde from Kilcreggan to The Esplanade. Unfortunately, winds were too high, so the swim along The Esplanade was done instead.

The fastest swimmer was Aidan Grant, aged 17, with a time of 50 min 5 seconds. He therefore won the fastest junior male swimmer. Gerard Malone was the next swimmer in with a time of 50 min 24 sec making him the fastest adult male swimmer. The fastest junior female swimmer was Anna Kane with a time of 1 hr 9 min 20 sec. The fastest female swimmer was Marian Monk with a time of 1 hr 9 min 30 sec.

The Full Results are shown below:

1. Aidan Grant – Time: 00:50:05
2. Gerard Malone – Time: 00:50:24
3. Mark Meahan – Time: 00:54:20
4. Stewart Wilson – Time: 00:57:48
5. Scott Skivington – Time: 00:59:37
6. David Jenkins – Time: 01:01:15
7. Tommy Sharkey – Time: 01:03:30
8. Kenneth Robertson – Time: 01:03:55
9. Archie White – Time: 01:05:05
10. Ernie Currie – Time: 01:08:20
11. Anna Kane – Time: 01:09:20
12. Marian Monk – Time: 01:09:30
13. Danny McLaughlin – Time: 01:10:08
14. Colin Campbell – Time: 01:11:06
15. David Henderson – Time: 01:15:18
16. William Marshall – Time: 01:17:20
17. Lesley Martin – Time: 01:19:20
18. Craig Scott – Time: 01:26:28
19. Robert Mitchell – Time: 01:27:30
Stephanie Mackie – Did Not Finish

William Marshall was given a “Tabasco” awards for having done the swim without a wetsuit.

Nine swimmers were raising money for charities. These swimmers are expected to raise over £3000 for their respective charities. Some swimmers and their charities are shown below.

Gerard Malon – Mary’s Meals
Scott Skivington – The Salvation Army

This is the second season the club has offered open water swimming as one of the activities of the club. Royal West also offers kayaking, rowing and sailing. Joe Heffernan co-ordinated the organisation of the swim. Royal West would like to thank all the people that provided assistance on the day.

This year’s swim was a great success. Royal West would encourage people with an interest in swimming to consider participating in next year’s swim or just trying out open water swimming. More information can be found on the tab above.

Thanks again for everything.