Clyde to Luing sponsored kayak trip – UPDATE

Message from Dougie:-

Thank you again for you help yesterday. We arrived at Toberonchy on Luing just before 6pm. The easterly wind was a great help. Finished into a head wind which not so good. Got a bit wild around midnight so went ashore and waited until daylight before setting off again. Was comfortable tucked up in our group shelter. It was an interesting trip. Our daughter, Ione did really well coping with the different weather that we had. It has also made a fair bit of money for our Ugandan charity.

At lunchtime today a father and daughter team set off from the Club beach heading home to Luing. They approached us yesterday asking permission to set off from our beach.

Doug & Ione Hardie are experienced kayakers and had a support team meeting them at various points along the way. Their intention is to paddle through the canal, portaging at each lock. They expect to be back on Luing tomorrow.

The Easterly this morning made launching interesting, but hopefully it will assist them on their way towards Toward.

Doug is going to let us know how they get on