Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning Course (CNTP2)

Your paddling convener (Willie Bell)  is planning to arrange a Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning Course.  This course will be of interest to those who go out on the water and want to better understand coastal navigation, tides and weather.  This will be the second time that the Boat Club has run facilitated this course.  Previous participants found it a very valuable and rewarding course.  During the Course you will undertake the planning of a 2 day trip considering tides, weather and how these can aid paddling, sailing and rowing.

If you are interested in attending this event, please email Willie at Please title the email “CNTP2.”  Use of Whatsapp, Facebook, the List at the Boat Club, or Doodle at (two kilo mike TANGO foxtrot foxtrot UNIFORM) is also acceptable.  (for information Doodle is a on-line platform that allows users to arrange meetings and courses by identifying the dates that you are available)

Shown below is a poster prepared for the event: