Committee “Induction Ceremony” & General maintenance works

On Saturday afternoon some of the newer members of Committee were inducted into one of the Club mystical ceremonies. Lowering of the Flagpole.

Newbies to this activity Al Black, George Carson, George McCallum & Joe Heffernan joined “old hands” Norman, Alex & Adam for an entertaining hour on the balcony and roof.

The Beach Convener, George McCallum (seen above dressed as Spiderman) helped erect the scaffolding on the balcony before old lags Alex & Adam used it to take out the bolts and wedges holding the flagpole in place. The scaffolding tower was held stable during this by the other members of the workparty, there being a South Westerly blowing over the top of the Club.

Before the flagpole could be dropped the daring duo climbed onto the roof to guide the pole down through the hole, while the rest of the workparty used a block and tackle to lower it to the balcony.

Relieved to be down off the roof, Alex showed interested parties the bloodstains he left on the flagpole the last time he helped put it back up.

The flagpole has been taken down for essential maintenance & refurbishment. All the exterior woodwork of the clubhouse is also about to be re-painted, with works due to start on 26th May. Members should bear in mind to check if the paint is wet when coming in and out of the boatshed doors.

Members may also have noticed work going in the raised area of garden adjacent to the old toilets. We have agreed to lease this raised section of garden to a telecoms company for a mobile phone mast. This is to temporarily replace the mast that is currently on the Naval Buildings. The infractructure works have begun and we are awaiting confirmation as to when the mast itself will be erected. The lease is initially for 6 months but if they have not found a permanent solution in that period then they may extend the lease.

Hon. Sec.
Adam A. Graham