Continuing to be busy

All aspects of Club life continue to be very busy.

Thursday – Saturday the Ladies Changing room floor was repainted and new matting laid by Rose Sloan, Heather Scott and team leader Lynn Morrison.

Last Friday the Club hosted the Clydeview Academy school show fundraiser again. This year they are performing The Sound of Music 20th-22nd June. The event was very well attended by pupils, parents and staff.

On Saturday the Club competed in the Troon CRC Regatta off South Beach. Full report to follow, but we did win a few medals and some of the photos are stunning. Not least the one below taken by Derek Keatley, a new member to the Club.

On Saturday evening we hosted Greenock Hockey Clubs annual awards ceremony and party. Members of GHC have taken out Clubhouse membership of Royal West in order to give them a social base for their club. This event was a great success and another example of how the Club interacts with and supports other local sporting clubs.

Parking outside the Club can be a problem currently. During the day there has been a lot of construction workers parking but most notably on a Tuesday night when we are busy with Kayaking, Rowing & Weightwatchers. It has now come to the attention of Inverclyde Council and they have implemented a parking restriction from yesterday until 2nd November. There is now NO PARKING on the carriageway adjacent to the Club. Parking to be only in the designated parking bays. Please bear this in mind when attending the Club.

The Club has a number of prospective members currently. They are in their probationary/temporary membership period with access to all facilities and activities. The Committee would ask that the membership help ease their introduction to the Club by welcoming them into both the sporting and social life of the Club. If you see an unfamiliar face upstairs introduce yourself.

On a similar note, we have had a few visitors from the cruise ships enquire about the Club. We welcome their interest and have shown them round where appropriate. It may be nice if you do this that they are signed in and stay on for a drink and to experience local hospitality. This can only be of benefit to the Club and the town.