*** Covid-19 Reminder ***

More than 300 Outings have been logged since we re-opened the Sheds on the 30th May and a few refreshments partaken in the Clubhouse in the last month – it’s been great to see so many Members back enjoying the Club and made all the hard work worthwhile.

However, we are still in Phase 3 and the Committee would ask that you take the time to re-familiarise yourself with the current procedures that are in place before your next visit. Check back through this news page for these.

We aspire for the Royal West to be a model of responsible activity during this pandemic. We all have a responsibility to achieve this. Our actions, as seen by the wider community, influence others and have an impact on the reputation of the RWSABC. Please be aware of this in everything you do while down at the Boat Club.


If you wish to make use of the Club, then you must understand and adhere to the procedures set out – failure to do so may result in activities being suspended or the Clubhouse being closed until Phase 4.

• Use the hand gel as you arrive and before you open any doors or touch any equipment
• Buoyancy Aids, Cags and Spraydecks must be taken home with you
• Physical distancing of 2 metres between households AT ALL TIMES
• A maximum of 2 in any shed at any one time
• A maximum of 4 people on the hard and 2 in the repair area
• A maximum of 2 down by the Boathouse and 4 on the beach
• A maximum of 8 on the water from 5 households
• You can use the Toilets but not the Changing rooms or Showers
• Please remember to take all your kit, water bottles with you and bin your rubbish!
• Use of the sporting facilities & Club equipment is for MEMBERS ONLY
• We would also ask you not to post photos on the Club Facebook pages that do not comply with the current rules on group sizes or physical distancing

• Use the hand gel as you arrive
• Maximum group size is 6
• Maximum of 3 households in any one group
• Physical distancing of 2 metres between households AT ALL TIMES
• The Clubhouse is open to Members and their household members – NO GUESTS
• Always follow the one-way system
• Sign in everyone in your party, along with the time of arrival
• Return your Glasses to the bar before you leave
• Use the antiseptic sprays that are on each of the tables

If you have any questions concerning the procedures, please contact a Member of the Committee