Covid update…again

Dear RWSABC member,

The link to covid guidelines for the use of the indoor and outdoor social areas were published yesterday. However last night it was pointed out, rightly, that the link only worked for those who have a google account. Please see below the document in full.


Sanitise your hands as you arrive and on a regular basis.

Do not congregate on the Esplanade as you arrive or leave.

Sign everyone in your party into the Test & Protect Register.

Sign everyone out when you leave.

While inside masks are to be worn when not seated.

Maintain a 1m Social Distance from those not in your household.

Inside the maximum number in a group seated is 10 from 4 households.

Outside the maximum number in a group is 15.

Use the one way system in the bar, enter by the door closest to the beach and leave by the other door.

Only one person from your group should go to the Bar to order, Bar Staff will provide a tray for you to carry your drinks back toyour table.

Return empty glasses and bottles to the bar so that Bar Staff do not need to clear tables or collect glassware.

If you are expecting to have more than one round, ask the Bar Staff to set up a tab and pay at the end.

All payment should be via contactless payment. We do not want cash!

Ladies can use the toilets in the Club or the ladies changing room.

Men are to use the men’s changing room toilets. One in and one out at the toilets.

Keep your voice low, don’t shout across to people at other tables.


Background music is to be kept at a low volume.