Dates for the diary

It’s early in the year but a great time to start planning, here’s some dates for you.

26th February inspection of boats

18th of February Rowing meeting, regatta’s for this year and all things Rowing related, this is open to everyone interested in Rowing or finding out more. 3pm

19th of March meet the committee, chance for newer members to meet all of the management committee at one time and find out what we do, how the club is run and generally ask us anything really.

22nd of March, Kayak meeting, after Des’s talk, format as per the Rowing meeting.

30th of March our annual AGM

1st April opening cruise

23rd of April club open day to public, come and join us event

17th of June grand aquatic extravaganza

24,25th of June P1 power boats weekend

Club regatta date TBC

2nd of September tail of the bank LD Kayak race

9th of September Clyde swim

Put the dates in your planner, if there’s something you would like to try or be involved in that’s different this year just talk to one of the conveners

Also check out the social events which George has has planned,

Alex VP