Engine Shed #### UPDATE ####

To anyone who keeps fuel or an outboard in the Engine Shed.

We discovered during the beach and shed tidy yesterday, that the lock was faulty. As we need to maintain access a locksmith was called out to sort it. He opened the shed but could not repair the lock (wear & tear led to tumblers working loose), so had to change the lock in order to secure the shed. He handed us the two new original keys and will return in next few days to fit a second lock with the same keys and more copies of the key.

If you need access to your engine or fuel in the coming week please contact myself of Ewen Chisholm. Following that we should have keys available for those that need them.

New locks have been fitted, both working off the same key.

If you have keys for the shed please return them to the bar and you will be issued with a new one free of charge.

If you don’t currently have keys but would like to make use of the shed, then there is a fee of £12/annum per engine for storage and a key will cost you £4.


Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.