Family day pictures and RWSABC / Castle Semple Royal Jubilee’s crew press launch

Some pictures of the family day on Saturday, it actually turned out to be quite a day as the 3 newly elected provosts from East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde came down along with the Lord Lieutenant and his wife and lady Lucinda Shaw Stewart to inspect Whiteforeland and her crew who are going to be on the Thames with 999 other boats on Sunday.
a reporter and photographer from the telegraph was there to record the event and a feature should be in the paper shortly.

They were all to late to help out on the beach though!! as we had already tidied it up with the help of Dave and Laurie one of whom isn’t even a member yet so thanks guys

The visitors were extremely impressed with our club facilities and history, the preparation and presentation of Whiteforeland was particularly commented on as the story of the effort involved in getting her to this condition was told.

Once the dignitaries had left it was back to the family day, the weather was great but the wind was blowing strongly from the east causing very rough water onto the beach, Zebra had been out earlier with the Saturday morning squad so was already on the beach, the composite crew heading to London decided to brave sea conditions and get a practice row in and head towards the container terminal and by the exhausted looks when they returned it was quite an effort, it was crucial that it was a quick exit from the boat on the slip as the conditions had worsened to a good force 6 by now…

The sea conditions didn’t improve so no more boats went out however the kids had a great time in the water and the beach, the barbie was sparked up later in the back garden where it was more sheltered

The next family day for members and invited guests is planned for Saturday the 30th of June, Greenock Fair Saturday so if your not away drop down.