Fixed Seat Rowing Conference

Not resting our laurels after such a good start to the year, the Club is hosting a meeting of Fixed Seat coastal rowing associations next Saturday & Sunday (8th & 9th)

There will be representatives from Scottish Coastal Rowing Assoc. (SCRA), Cornish Pilot Gig Assoc. (CPGA), Irish Coastal Rowing Federation (ICRF), Welsh Sea Rowing Assoc. (WSRA), Shetland Yole Racing Assoc. (SYRA) as well as some smaller boat classes being represented. This meeting is intended for these bodies to share experiences and form new bonds between like minded associations.

Some of the delegates will arrive on Friday evening and have been invited to make use of the social facilities of the Club. The Committee has granted all delegates temporary membership of the Club for the weekend under Clause 19.4 of the Constitution.

The conference organisers are aware of the Scotland v England 6 Nations game on Saturday at 16:45. Every effort will be made to accommodate this on the Big Screen in the Hall. Members should be aware that the delegates will be dining in the Hall following the game, catered from the Snooker room. In every other respect the Club remains open and accessible to the Members from 14:30.

On Sunday 9th Feb Stuart Barr has organised a tidy of the boat sheds and external areas.

Another busy weekend ahead at Royal West.