Heather Scott steps down from Committee

Effective Saturday 4 September Heather Scott stepped down as the Honorary Treasurer (Interim). The Royal West Committee thanks Heather for all the contributions she has made to the Club in her 9.5 years as an Office Bearer.

Some of the highlights of her time on Committee have been:

  • Increased membership and sporting activity
  • A stable and healthy financial situation at the Club
  • Revitalised and new outdoor spaces for Club Members to use in the Beer Garden and Beach Communal area
  • A good social programme that included music, movie nights, an alternative Burns Supper, Winter Talks etc..


Heather would be the first to credit others at the Club in making her success as Honorary Treasurer and Vice President so successful. However, her leadership and vision were essential to the Royal West enjoying the success it currently enjoys.

Heather stayed on the Committee after the election a of Rose Sloan as Vice President to facilitate the handover to Rose and until such time as a new Honorary Treasurer was able to undertake their duties. The current Office Bearers are now able to manage the Royal West without her input. Heather worked hard to ensure that they had the knowledge required to fill her shoes. It was always her intention to step down as soon as there was confidence that the current office bearers would be able to continue her good work. This required that they understand and know how to use the systems in place to ensure the sound running of the Club.

Heather Scott has been replaced as Honorary Treasurer by Julie Evans.

The Committee hopes that Heather and Ewan will be able to use the time freed up by Heather leaving the committee to do more paddling. After all her efforts for the Club more paddling and no Committee work are justly deserved

RWSABC Committee