IMPORTANT. Gourock Development Public Consultation

The Riverside Inverclyde Gourock development is now open for Public Consultation.

The 3 presentation pages are available on:

The main issue for the Club is that the current beach access will be lost unless we make comments in support of keeping/improving it. This launching/landing site is lodged with planning as an official Right of Way. Riverside Inverclyde were unaware of this when I spoke to them on Tuesday night. The beach is an important safety egress, due to the pier and vertical walls / exposed coastline nearby.

The Riverside Inverclyde rep said that this is a public consultation phase and that numbers of particular comments do matter. The architect seems amenable to suggestions related to access to the water at this stage, as the plans have not yet been submitted to Planning. This is a great opportunity to lobby for improvements to access to the water in the centre of Gourock rather than lose it.

If you support retaining the ability to land there, please submit your comments in August by filling in the form and emailing it to the landscape architects:

Otherwise the possibility of landing there will be lost forever.

The form on the web page is in pdf format. I copied it into a Word doc so that I could add my comments.

If you know of anyone else who would support retaining access to the water in the centre of Gourock, please forward this email to them.

Lorna McCartney
Watersports Rep, Inverclyde Local Access Forum