Inspection of Boats 2020

The annual Inspection of Boats which took place on 16th February, provides the RWSABC Committee an opportunity to review and celebrate the year with past Vice Presidents of the Club, the wider community and invited members of the Club.

The wider community this year was represented by Peter McCarthy – Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire and his wife Jean, Inverclyde Councillors Graeme Brooks, Liz Robertson and David Wilson. Bill Tomlinson, had been the Club’s lawyer for many years also attended. Bill has been a great friend of the Club has offered much practical and useful advice over the years.
When space permits we like to invite members along who contribute to the Club’s success. The Club is fortunate to have three of its very own ‘Royal Photographers’ who take photos at the Club’s various sporting events. Alex Workman (who unfortunately couldn’t attend on the day) Karen Radford and Derek Charles Keatley.

An invitation was also extended to Ewen Chisholm who has been providing Rescue Boat cover at the Club for over thirty years and has also assisted with provision of safety cover at the past three ‘Castle to Crane’ races.

The event started around 10.00hrs and was presided over by the Club’s Vice President Heather Scott. Heather provided an overview of the past year highlighting some of the important events and accomplishments of the Club such as the continued increase of participation in the various water sports on offer at the Club and the growing and diverse uses of the Club’s facilities.

The Sporting Conveners then gave their own individuals reviews of the year and 2019 was a year that warranted special praise. The kayakers could celebrate the training of new coaches and improvement of skills and competence amongst the novices. The rowers highlighted the World Skiffies results and their successes at the Castle to Crane race. Open Water Swimming looked back at a successful Clyde Swim and growing participation and community engagement with the New Year’s Day Swim and Dip. Sailing highlighted how they are attracting new participants with their popular Come and Try Sessions.
There was then a speech from the Lord Lieutenant Peter McCarthy and Councillor Liz Robertson said a few words and promised to ‘Come & Try’ rowing this year.

The Guests were then given a tour of the facilities which provided an opportunity for the Committee to better explain and illustrate all the good things that take place at the Boat Club. This year Councillor Liz Robertson brought her diary with her to discuss and arrange to go out for a practice session with the rowers.

The Inspection of Boats then ended with a lunch for everyone at the Tontine Hotel.

Clockwise from the top Left – Photo 1: Peter McCarthy (Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire) and Heather Scott (Vice President RWSABC), Photo 2: Marie Paterson (Treasurer RWSABC) tries a new RWSABC paddle board on dry land, Photo 3: Karen Radford and Karyn Donnachie – (RWSABC members), Photo 4: Liz Robertson (Inverclyde Councillor) and Heather Scott, Photo 5: A Group photo of the meal at the Tontine

Clockwise from the top Left – Photo 1: Liz Robertson, Ewan Chisholm (RWSABC member), Karyn Donnachie, Photo 2: Marie Paterson and George Carson (RWSABC Social Convener), Photo 3: At the meal at the Tontine, Photo 4: Gordon McKenzie and Norman Campbell (RWSABC Past Vice Presidents), Photo 5: Liz Robertson and Heather Scott, Photo 6: Karen Graham and Karyn Donnachie, Photo 7: Al Black (RWSABC Past Vice President) and Bill Tomlinson (Former lawyer for RWSABC), Photo 8: Graeme Brooks (Inverclyde Councillor) Karen Graham (RWSABC Rowing Convener), Al Black and Bill Tomlinson