Junior paddler end of season paddle BBQ and presentation

Saturday the 15th of October saw a mass gathering of junior kayakers, parents, club members and coaches at the Club.

New double kayakThe afternoon kicked of with a variety of paddle activities led by the Club’s qualified coaches.

These included paddling the Club’s new double kayak:

Paddling canoesGroups paddling the Club’s 2 Canadian canoes including trying gunwale bobbing

Whitewater kayaksA small group paddling the Club’s white water kayaks:

Senior juniorsA group of older juniors paddled the Club’s new Atlantic RM sea kayaks north up the Esplanade to the container terminal and back, led by Keith and George and assisted by Ian.

Also the Club’s junior sea kayak was on the water (in the background of the picture)

BarbecueOnce the on the water activities were finished and the equipment washed and put away, everybody enjoyed the barbecue hamburgers and sausages, skilfully prepared by Andy White and his partner, Sue.

After the barbecue, there was a presentation in the Clubhouse when all the juniors received a medal for their progress and commitment during the season, presented by Dave Marquis, Paddlesports Convener. Dave also thanked the coaches who had worked so hard with the juniors on Club nights. Joe, Julia and George were awarded a medal for their efforts.Medal presentation

All the medals were sponsored by Alan Mortimer of Ware With All Ltd, Unit 6, Fort Matilda Industrial Estate, Greenock.

CharleyA special medal was awarded to wee Charley who is too young to kayak with his sisters but is always willing to help sort out gear on Club nights. However, on Saturday we had promised Charley a go in the double kayak and a Canadian canoe.

Dave also thanked those behind the scenes:

  • Maggi for assisting the coaches throughout the season and organising the food for the BBQ
  • Andy and Sue for their expertises on the day cooking hamburgers and sausages (without burning anything )
  • Forbes for assisting Dave in keeping the kayak and canoe fleet in good repair
  • Keith for his efforts the new racking system for the play boats and the production of the new paddle rack plus coaching

This has been another successful year for the junior paddlesports section, seeing the purchase of a junior sea kayak, a junior sit-on-top kayak, another Canadian canoe, a double sea kayak and a LV Atlantic RM sea kayak.

Click here for more photos from the day.