Kayak Curry Night – all welcome

Friday 5th October 7:30

 Now that the nights are "fair drawin in" and the coaching has ended for the season 
 Kayakers from the club are organising an informal get together at RWSABC in the form 
 of a curry night on Friday 6th October at 7:30.

 Recent curry nights have been held at RWSABC rather than at a restaurant as Kayakers 
 feel that they should support the club by spending their hard earned cash over the 
 bar.  They have also managed to raise some money from "tips" to the organisers which 
 resulted in a £40 donation to RNLI last year.

 If you have not been contacted by Frankie or Andy already then please contact them 
 asap or contact the club.
Photo by George Carson (Jnr)