Ladies Changing Room upgrading works

Message for all Members, but especially the ones who use the Ladies Changing Rooms.

Over the last few months various elements of work have been undertaken to improve the ladies changing facilities.

  1. Ogilvies removed the fence on the wall at our request
  2. This allowed us to have the new roof membrane fitted to make the rooms watertight
  3. The paintwork internally was refinished by Lynn Morrison
  4. Additional shower curtains were added by Rosemary
  5. New extract fans, tube heaters and an infrared heater were fitted by the House Convenor Jim Ford over the last couple of weekends.

On the last point above we would ask that no-one turns off any of the fans or heaters.

  • The two new fans are turned on whenever the lights are turned on and go off automatically 20mins after the lights are turned off. This is to allow them a chance to draw out the moist air left when the last user leaves.
  • The tube heaters mounted at high level on the walls are very low energy units that we want to remain on all the time to stop the room becoming cold & damp. Please do not turn them off.
  • There is a large grey box on the wall as you enter with a spring loaded switch on it. If you need an instant injection of heat into the room push this button and the new infrared heater will come on for 20mins then switch itself off.

In the coming weeks we will be changing the floor covering and replacing the lockers with smaller personal effects lockers.

If anyone has queries about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact myself of Jim Ford.


Adam Graham